Thursday, June 18, 2009

Precious Little Boys

As long as there are little boys
For mishief and mud pies,
For charming you, alarming you,
And coaxing lullabies~
As long as there are little boys,
So busy everywhere,
Your world is sure to be
A happy, loving place to share.

What is a Boy?
He's a darling, a treasure, a dreamer, a tease,
A lover of sports and a climber of trees,
A mixture of everything under the sun.
He's full of surprises, adventuresome, too,
He'll accomplish most anything he wants to do --
He's sunshine, he's laughter, he's your "pride and joy,"
And he's extra special...he's your little boy!

Laugh with him,
play with him,
watch him with pride...
Talk with him, learn with him,
stand by his side...
Dream with him,
grow with him
all your lives through...
And he'll share
a world full of joy with you.
~M.F. Ames


1 comment:

Cindy said...

I think boys have a special spot in our hearts for our boys!


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