Monday, June 15, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook-- Praying Days

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Welcome to my Simple Woman's Daybook for this week: 15th June

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Outside My Window ...
Overcast again, cold and probably rainy.
I am listening to...
Preparations taking place as we leave for a day in Launceston

I am thinking and Praying about...
That our son will go well with his exam today.
That the potential buyer for our home will actually buy when she comes on the 22nd/23rd June.
About the value of GOOD friends who put themselves out for you.
That Erin will get the satellite dish for internet access early this week. She has been very patient.
Potential properties in Wangaratta for us to buy. That the right one will be easily obtainable for us.
To Live the Liturgy...
To celebrate Saxon's Baptism Anniversary and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate heart of Mary
To Breathe Deeply...
Hold onto the hope and faith that God is in control and all things that happen are for our good.
To be thankful for each moment and opportunity as it comes.
Towards rhythm and beauty ...
To use the cleaning and Lesson plans I have all but completed to create a more ordered day.
To actually implement the plans I aspire to for the week in my Hearts for Home
To create order within the STUDY for more than ONE DAY.
I am thankful for ...
Children who roll with the punches so to say. We have had a few household technical problems that we are still recovering from. The stove still is not re-lit, so that will be 5 whole days from last Thursday morning. They are VERY accommodating of these problems.
From the kitchen ...
Hopefully- Meat pies and Noodle Dreams with veges, if the stove is up to temperature.
I am wearing ...
One of the few skirts I constantly live in. Floral burgundy print with a spencer and burgendy jumper. Black tights and brown boot, what else is there.
Hair loose and makeup.
I am creating ...
Smocking a dress for Arwen while Eden learns to smock another for Myffwyn
Winter pin board things and winter season table crafts
Hearts for Home Plans
Cross stitch for Arwen.
On my iPod...
In the car traveling today: We love Rangers Apprentice and Casting Crowns
Towards a real education ...
Enjoy going to the Monkey Park with the younger ones while Kynan is at his Exam.
Continue Confirmation preparation with Saxon and Eden. For a future date
Following the plans I have spent the last few weeks typing up

Bringing beauty to my home ...
Be diligent with the new plans.
Encouraging a servant attitude by all, including myself.
Soft, loving and patient voices and actions.
Bedtime routines with the young ones.
Being thankful for all I have.
To be a gracious wife and mother with a soft and gracious manner.

I am reading ...
Mommy teach me
You are your child's first teacher and Pocketful of Pinecones
Not much time for reading, still.

I am hoping ...
and praying about our situation.
That we can get the house tidy and clean enough for the potential buyer by Sunday Afternoon
To do all the things on my day book lists and Hearts for Home list.
Around the house ...
To catch up on Washing and folding up AGAIN, due to the weather situation again.
One of my favorite things ...
Sing and dancing with my Honey and the children

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Plans as above
Picture thoughts I am sharing are of:
Our Lord and The Blessed Mother and children praying. I find I am like a child asking for our prayers to be answered. I am constantly asking Our Lord to grant them and for the intersession of our Lady.


Tricia said...

Dear Gae,
Offering prayer that your house will sell and you'll all be settled again according to God's perfect timing.

admin said...

Good luck to Kynan with his exam! I just finished the last of mine,Hurray!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the prayers for Tommy's family; I imagine these next few days are going to be extremely difficult for them.
I love the picture at the beginning of your daybook. I'm going to try and post to Hearts for Home when I get home from work tonight.
God Bless with the selling of your home~I'll pray to St. Joseph.

Grandmother Wren said...

This is a beautiful Daybook, Gae.
Thank you for sharing it.

I’ve added a Mr. Linky at Grandmother Wren’s to make it easier for the Summer Daybook ladies to find and visit one another while Peggy is on vacation.

Please stop by on Mondays to add your link – I’d love to see your Daybook there!


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