Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cake, Ice cream and Super Powers.

As I said
Cake , Ice cream and super powers. What else is there???

Cadbury Chocolate!! ☺

Your Superpower Should Be Super Speed

You're quick witted and fast to act.

You're mind works at warp speed. From your perspective, everyone else is living in slow motion.

You get so much done, people have accused you of not sleeping.

Definitely not a couch potato, you feel a bit crazy if you're not busy doing something.

Why you would be a good superhero: You're be the first on the scene... and likely to finish the job before anyone else shows up

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Being bored by everyone else. Including other superheroes!

This is so cool.
I am often noted for saying when I want things done quickly, "Speed, is the word", I don't know where I came up with it from but obviously it fits me. ☺

You Are a Chocolate Cake

Fun, comforting, and friendly.

You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality.

People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you.

You Are Soft Serve

You are laid back, peaceful, and accepting.

You are easy to please, and you enjoy letting others do things their way.

People might be surprised to know that you're experimental and funky - at least in your own mind.

You are open to wherever life takes you, even if it's very unconventional.



Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Wow, that is sure some chocolate fix! Can I come and visit? lol

Judy Dudich said...

I took the superpower quiz.
Mine would be "manipulating electricity"...Wo!


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