Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel

We celebrated Our Lady of Mount Carmel in less detail than I wanted.
I am told ( by certain of our children)I tend to over Schedule all the things I want to do for feast days and then I am disappointed that we do not do all I planned.
This seems to be a constant failing but I get so excited about the feast day and all that we could do for this celebration.
In fact I do this for any occasion we celebrate.
So we started the day off slowly. Getting other lessons completed and then we moved on to the Feast day celebrations.
We looked at many of the images that are available for Our Lady of Mount Carmel. We looked at some of the different on line resources ( I will link to these in my planning post, this one is long overdue as well, but if I don't do it now I will not get around to it --like my Ascension and Pentecost ones.)
We also reviewed the Brown Scapular and the story of St Simon Stock.
The children coloured in some of the various colouring pages that I had found from the colouring book we have and online.
I really do love this Icon. I don't usually like Icons but just this week I have come across this one and one of St Anne which I so totally like.

Any way back to our programme ♥♥♥
After this we read the book The Brown Scapular by Mary Fabyan Windeatt.

Actually before I started reading each of the children collected supplies to make a Lady of Mount Carmel. They were free to choose any type of materials they wanted. It was interesting to see what every one came up with.
Eden copied an image from the Book and drew it on Calico. She is embroidering around her image. Obviously she did not finish in one day. She is still working on it.
Here it is on the hoop being worked on.
Autumn cut out parts of an image and then backed them in Tissue paper including the Gold colour. She then used black marker pen to colour in the gaps.
Vellvin copied the image onto felt using coloured fleece to create her picture.
Rogan made his Lady of Mount Carmel out of Felt. He drew a pattern and button hole sewed up the sides. He then stuffed it with fleece and then put a pipe cleaner in and a wooden bead on for a head.
He glued the head on and gave Our Lady some hair and a mantle.
Jesus is needle felted and glued on. The scapular is felt cut out and glued on.
He is very proud of this work.
Saxon made a Paper Doll. He made a Doll pattern , coloured in the clothes. Then he made a mantle from paper and glued it on. Our Lady then was given some Yarn hair and a Scapular made form Yarn and bits of brown felt. Jesus was cut out, coloured in and glued on.
A great effort from our "less craft is best" boy.
Have you ever had one of those cakes that did not turn out. Well, the cake did, the decorating did not. Our cake decorating icing was too runny and all the colours just ran into each other.Because of this it is very difficult to see the images on the Scapular on the cake.

Prior to the cake, we had for dinner (not planned) Chips with gravy... well the gravy is brown and the chips are white, for purity. Does that count as feast food?
For sweets we had ice cream and Caramel Topping.

All in all I was fairly pleased with what we did and I was very impressed with the crafts the children did.
I do not know where Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn put their drawings and so I have no photos of them as yet.

I hope to have my belated Plans organised soon and then post them. Why bother you say, well then I will have them sitting here ready for next year. ☺


Judy Dudich said...

What a GRAND and FANTASTIC celebration!!!
I'm sure Our Lady was smiling the whole while!!!

Cindy said...

Looks great to me. I'll bet they had fun.

Nadja said...

My daughter and I were amazed by the variety of creative means used to produce the images of Our Lady! Wonderful work!

Gae said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I was very pleased with what the children came up with.


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