Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dolls for Arwen

I have made these type of dolls for Corbyn, Moran and Myffwyn.
I made them before both Myffwyn and Corbyn were born along with a felted horse and felt doll.
I had planned on doing this for Arwen but never got around to it.
So yesterday I put these dolls together.

They really are so easy to make and I loved making the trio. They are smaller than the other children's ones.
I put a small bell inside the hat so it jingles. They are just the right size for Arwen to hold. I would have liked to put the bell on the tip of the hat but for safety reasons I put it inside.

We named them Wynken, (the one with blue hat), Blynken (the one with the brown hat) and Nod (the one with the pink hat) and I think they are really cute.


Therese said...

oh they are cute. Maybe you could do a tutorial for them.

Erin said...

Seconding the tutorial request. Princess is keen to make them, she got very excited when she saw yours. I'm sure she would so like to live near you.

Gae said...

Dear Erin and Therese,
I thought about about it after I had started , so I will have to make another one. I do want to make the marionettes I have started first as they are part way done, well 3 of the 8 anyway. I DID take photos and was going to do a tutorial on this. Then I will do the dolls again. Is that OK?

Annelisa. said...

William is sitting on my knee and he said "mummy 'me,me' " he has a little yellow lamb on a rug that he takes to bed that looks like 'nod'


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