Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Success 28


1. I started and finished soft formed dolls for Arwen. We have called these Wynken, Blynken and Nod. They are just so cute.
2. Autumn and I watched a girly film together. Miss Potter on Friday night. With chocolate and tea and coffee but no popcorn. Eden prefered to stay in bed after I tried to wake her several times and with the thought of the new Redwall book: Doomwyte for the mornings reading.
3. We have started to make silk marionettes. I am really enjoying this and we are going well. I hope to have a set finished in the next few days.
4. We rescued a Ringtail possum with a broken leg and sent it off for care with the Rangers.
I'll post photos soon.

Bonus5. WE have been VERY diligent in getting back inot regular evening routine and have been successful in doing the Rosary each night together...... no matter how late.
I pray you all have had an enjoyable week and are able to look on your Small Successes with a feeling of a job well done.

Well that's my take on Small Successes for another week. For other stories visit Faith and Family



Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

Hi Gae. I stopped doing the Hearts at Home because I was not able to keep my weekly resolutions:( Maybe in the fall I'll be able to try again :)

Judy Dudich said...

What a wonderful list!!!
We love Redwall!
And your time with your daughter sounds heavenly!

Maurisa said...

Wow, such wonderful successes! I am so impressed with your creativity, silk marionettes! What a gift.

Nadja said...

I love the dolls, and they look simple enough for a novice like myself to sew. Instructions, please?

I had a "Girl Afternoon" with Una last week. We realized that with Dh and the boys gone, only females remained--from hens to cows to rabbit--here on the farm. We popped Sense and Sensibility on the VCR, worked on our knitting and embroidery and ate chocolate!

Erin said...

I'm so impressed with the bedtime routine. How's Moran coping with it? I need to be better too.

Gae said...

Dear Elizabeth Katheryn,
I am so sorry you are not doing Hearts for Home anymore. My intention was never to make anyone feel they were not achieving. I know myself I do not alwasy do as well as I would like and quite frankly some days I am awful. The intention was always to focus our thoughts, actions and hearts on our vocation at home. In this all of us struggle and by having a goal to strive for I find that at least I know I have started to focus.
We live in a world that wants us to forget our vocation and my goal was that if we could at least think then perhaps we can act and with the prayers of each other be upheld by each other.
I pray that you have found peace in your decision, BUT I will miss your participation. I always enjoy and am encouraged by visiting all the other ladies. It always helps me focus as well.
Hopefully when you are ready you will give it a go again.
God Bless ♥

Gae said...

Dear Nadja,
I am currently working on a tutorial for the silk marionettes but then I will do a new one for the little dolls. It did not occur to me till I was part way through to do it for the dolls. I hope you will be happy with this. I am really enjoying the silk marionettes and am anxious to finish some first.
God Bless

Gae said...

Dear Erin,
Yes Moran is coping with the getting to bed routine. As you know it is the middle of the night time I have the most trouble with. Any suggestions yet. Last night I had Both the M&M's Corbyn and ARwen wanting me at the same time.
This is were I find I am least able to cope with all the nedds.
But the huge success is Myffwyn is going to sleep early. Hip Hip Hooray, this is due to the fact we drag her out of bed early though I think.
God Bless

ViolinMama said...

I'm SO late reading this...I did Mr. Linky last week, but did not have my favorite time to just sit and read these....really proud of you. Thanks for taking the time to share!


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