Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saxon's Poem

For English the other day Saxon made up this poem. So grab a cup of coffee and some cake and enjoy.


Here’s a story of my family and me,
That happened that year 2003 ,
One day Dad said: here’s an idea it’s great!!

Let’s go to Tasmania, across the Bass Strait,
We loaded up and got in the boat,
While Mum wondered if it would float,

We landed here in the rain,
And it made us go insane,
We rented a house it all was built wrong,
Not to mention the rent cost a bomb,

Then we thought we’d build a house,
we borrowed money from the bank,
As soon as we started,
then our hearts they sank,

We built and built a project not nice,
Then we realized we hade mice,
As we all worked I became made as a hatter,
Then Dad says: let’s move to Wangaratta!!!!!!!!!!



Daddy said...

Saxon Wallace,

That's a really neat poem - only problem I think you need to fix before I get home tomorrow evening is the the "not" nice - I reckon you should say "so" nice - it is a ripper of a home in anyone's language, and I should know as the biased payer of the finance - your Mother's design, my engineering, and all of us our labour....perhaps you should mention just how big that awful mouse plague was,and how we kept score of the death toll on the wall!!!



Anonymous said...

Saxon's poem is excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

We haven't been through a mouse plague, yet.


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