Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook-- Committed Days

A Simple Woman's Daybook 14th July ... yes one day late.

I am changing some of my entry titles as they no longer work for me and I was beginning to feel burdened rather than uplifted and organised by doing the Daybook.

Here is the link to Peggy's who is having a summer break.

Outside My Window ...
Night: Cold Winter night, patchy rain

I am listening to...
Footsteps getting out of bed..Hello Moran ♥
I am thankful for...
A husband that loves and supports me and the children
A kind widow lady who boards my honey while he is away.
Precious children and a happy sweet baby.
That my honey comes home on Friday for 4 days...Hurray.

From the Kitchen...
Breakfast is lovely warm porridge
Lunch is sandwiches with coleslaw and potato salad
Dinner Fried chicken, 'noodle dreams and veg's
Morning tea - what ever Saxon cooks( keep up the good work sweetie ☺)

I am wearing..
Pj's at this time of night(no not to late honey)
Dressing gown and socks and slippers.
End of day makeup and hair in that famous ponytail
I am reading...
Various school books and plans
Other peoples blogs
a stack of books on my bedside table I am too lazy to go upstairs and check the titles on at the moment.

Looking to the Rhythm of the Liturgical Year:
To celebrate Our Lady of Mount Carmel maybe even go to Launcestion the The Carmelites there for Mass
To have some special feast day plans made like I have done for Ascension and Pentecost
St Camillus de Lellis the older children and I are huge "fans"
Pray the Rosary with Special intentions
Start a novena to St Anne

In our learning spaces...
I am trying to reorganise some things so we use the materials we have to maximum advantage.
This means sorting, shifting revising what we like to do and what works for us.
On Monday I set up an Art Centre and Rocks and Minerals Centre in the Library room trying to create some interest again in these things.(Post to come)
I rearranged the Random Books Baskets and put new books in. I periodically take books out of the bookcases and put them in baskets/boxes in the family room so the children browse through them. ( I will be listing some in the side bars soon)
I am planning some educational material and hopefully we can get a Microscope and telescope soon.
I am still putting written plans on to the learning blog so I have it all at my fingertips.
The Science experiments are going really well. The children are enjoying these.
The Indian study is picking up the pace as well.
I am really enjoying the younger ones learning with Story sacks and circle time and the activities that "rabbit trail" off this.

Around the house...
I am trying to stay on top of the learning, cleaning and routines we have started.
I find that unless I constantly supervise at this stage it falls apart.
Even going to town for shopping upsets the schedule.
Look for ways to make our home attractive, a haven from the world and a place that shows our love of God and the importance of Jesus in our lives.

I will claim a moment for myself...
I will do the crafts I love to do. I will sew Corbyns Patchwork quilt. I will do some of Awens Cross Stitch I will do some of the crafts from the July list.
A few extra plans for the week...
Pick up Stephen form the Airport on Friday.
Eden's birthday of Sunday
Have some special activities planned for when Stephen is home... Board games, Cricket, etc
Here are some picture thought for the week...
These images of Mother and Child help strengthen me in my vocation as a Wife and Mother. They remind me of the tender touch that Our Lady must have held our Saviour with, and that I am called to do the same with the special gifts we have been blessed with.
They also remind me to treasure my Honey, as with out him these children would not be here for me to Mother. I love my role as a mother and am honoured to be the Mother of our children.



Cindy said...

Lovely pictures. Did you sell your house yet?

Gae said...

Dear Cindy,
NO we are still living sepatated, we no SOLD sign acrosss the FOR SALE sign. You can bet I will let out a big Blog yippee when we sell.
Thank you for asking

Allison said...

O Gae! Your blog is sooo beautiful! Love these pics of Our Lady especially.

I have linked to your blog, no wonder it is nominated!


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