Thursday, July 16, 2009

Small Success 26


1. I reorganised the Art Materials as the start of trying to use all the educational materials we have... especially ones that haven't been used in a while.
2. I made a new Birthday theme tradition.
A hand painted HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign that sits in a wooden stand, also home made. I hope to put pictures up tomorrow.
3. I am more than half way through the Story Sack for the week as well as having read other books as well.

Bonus 4. I even managed to get Kynan into the Doctor on the day he needed to go. Which is no mean feat, considering you have to make an appointment a head of time for the time you need to be sick.
Yes I know sarcasm, but it is ridiculus. Stephen has been trying to get in for over a week and the best he can get is to be on the cancellation list for next MONDAY.

I pray you all have had an enjoyable week and are able to look on your Small Successes with a feeling of a job well done.

Well that's my take on Small Successes for another week. For other stories visit Faith and Family


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