Monday, July 6, 2009

Sweet 16

Today is the Day

Today is the day to celebrate
All the ways you have grown
Inside and out

Today is the day we express
The ways you have changed
And blessed the lives
Of everyone who loves you

Today is the day we celebrate
All of the decisions that you make
In your future
Your life, love and careers

Today is the day we celebrate
The sixteen amazing years of your life
Your beauty, laughter, fun and caring personality

Today is your sixteenth birthday

Our Sweet Darling Autumn,
Who could know when you were born 16 years ago, our first daughter. That time would move so quickly and here we are celebrating this joyous birthday with you.
Our little girl emerging into a beautiful young lady. Developing your very special God given gifts and talents that you share with us and all those that come into contact with you.
You are our special delightful daughter that has devoted brothers and sisters not to mention your special "buddy".

So today we wish you all our love as you enjoy the freedom of this special time in your life.
We also hope you enjoy the presents and flowers, balloons and cake. All those things that make your day special.
May God Bless you are precious swinging girl today and always.


Therese said...

happy birthday Autumn. 16 is such a wonderful age.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Autumn - may it be an extra special year for you. :)

The Editrix said...

Happy Birthday, Autumn! I hope you had a lovely day. :-)



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