Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Elsa Beskow Books Fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what all you Elsa Beskow fans.
There is a new Book Emily and Daisy.

It looks lovely and I actually am awaiting this book to arrive from my recent purchases.

I cant wait for it to arrive. You can order it from either of these places online.
at Book Depository or Amazon

I also ordered and is arriving soon The Story of the Butterfly Children by Sibylle Von Olfers.

She also is a favourite if you have heard of the Story of the Root Children, the Story of the Wind Children, The Story of The Snow Children and The Princess in the Forest,

Oncce again they are all beautiful picture books. Our children read these all the time.
Happy Reading ♥ ♥

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Judy Dudich said...

These books look delightful!!! I will have to begin a collection of them! Thanks for sharing:) I hope it's ok if I mention here that anyone purchasing through Amazon may do so from the search bar I have on Benmakesten blog:
Or, from our store on


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