Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - 23rd October

I decided I liked the idea of listing 7 things form the week that just happened and did not necessarily need to blog a whole post on. This week I am just being a bit Random in my thoughts because well it has been very random.

So for my 7 Quick takes this week:

1. On Monday when I did my Daybook for the week I was listing things we were going to do for the week. It wasn't until Stephen mentioned to me and I spoke to Erin on the phone I realised I had my weeks mixed up.
In fact I felt like Martha from the 5 Children and It DVD when she says that "Last year we lost October." Which Autumn says makes no sense at all since I have calender on my side bar.

2. On the fore mentioned Monday ( which I must ahve been brain dead for.) I mentioned I had to go shopping. As I rushed into town, very late to get food for dinner, I stopped to get petrol for the very empty car and went in to pay. It was at this stage I realised I had left my hand bag at home , which included my purse.
Fortunately I regularly go to this petrol station and was able to leave (the children as not really,) only my phone number and go home and get the hand bag. Needless to say I was driving without my license.
When telling Stephen about it he was more embarrassed than I had been, Mortified in fact.

3. We have at this stage, after the disturbing news about our house not selling have reduced the price dramatically in the hopes of this leading to a sale.
Our new Real Estate Agent ( the last one has left the agency) is coming on Tuesday? we think to take new photos and will redo the advertisement , giving it a new look and hopefully reach a different market.
This leads to ANOTHER intensive cleaning effort involved for Tuesday and the older boys are very busy with the last of their assignments due before Exam week.

Please pray for us in this that we will have success in this.

4. I can't believe that Arwen is 9 months old and has NO teeth. We generally have children get teeth as early as 5 months and she is still gummy. However I love the gummy smile stage and will enjoy it for a while longer.

5. I also weighed Arwen on the scales, well Rogan hoped on with her and then we took his weight away from the total and she weighs only 6 Kg. This puts her way under the weight for age scale. I am sure she is only petite and am thankful I haven't been taking her to be weighed.
Having said this she is having solids 3 times a day and still lots of breast feeds so I am sure she is eating all she can.

6. I spoke to the Pediatrician today again to see if she had results for Moran's EEG. Having followed up with the Neurosurgeon she told me that he hasn't received the disc yet and it is LOST. She then said this had never happened to anyone before and to call her on Tuesday and hopefully she would have news for us.
This is quite frustrating as we seem to be taking ages for anything to be decided for her various issues

7. I think we have finally said goodbye to Winter as we have not had the Fire on for 3 days or nights this week. We have been outside a lot and really enjoying the spring weather.
for our younger children this also means wearing shorts and t-shirts. For mummy's who tend to stay inside a lot this means wearing skirts and skivvy's still. It is not warm enough for anything else for me.
I also need to look at swimming gear for everyone this year and try to get to the pool for swimming practice.
We have a lot of non-swimmers as summers here are very short and not very hot and their is NO indoor swimming pool that is available to the public.

Well that is all I have for this week. I Pray you all have a blessed and happy week.

For more inspirational 7 Quick Takes please visit Jen at Conversion Diary I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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