Saturday, April 16, 2011

Making Palm Crosses for your Home for Palm Sunday

Perhaps you are luckier than us but we do not access to palm branches to make traditional Palm crosses for this most special day. I think that even though most of us cannot have access to Palm Branches that we can still make Palm Crosses. The task of making them together as a family is really a very special way to celebrate Palm Sunday

We have made them from native grass like materials and I do believe you could use any natural materials you have on hand.

We keep ours around the house and often use them for book marks (I in my Bible) and place one in each room of the house. We have even pinned them to the curtains and then on Ash Wednesday we burn them (like we did this year). 
I think it is great for the children to see the link from one year to the next.

We have made these Palm Crosses for a few years. We have used this version for years on how to make them even though I know there are lots of links out there. Here is a You Tube version too

I am planning on sharing some other ideas for Palm Sunday activities too.

Here is how we made Palm Crosses for our Home - Abbreviated from From Last Years Post

As we don't know where to get Palms from, Autumn came up with the idea to use the sags we have on our property. I don't know what they are exactly but they are very sharp and hard to get rid of.
Today we, Autumn and I made these palm crosses, well Autumn made most of them as I had to feed and comfort the sick baby.
Once she remembered how to make them, after a few 'stressful' moments when she couldn't get what I was showing her. Autumn really enjoyed making them.
We decided to make one for everyone and one for each room of the house. In total we made about 60.
After finishing the regulation size Autumn was keen to make as big a one as possible . These were what she came up with.
Earlier in the day I told the story of Palm Sunday using this Betty Lukin's Felt Display.
This is Rogan's turn at using the figures in his retelling .
I love how they put their own version together after my showing it first.
Father Pine with some of the palm crosses.
Our family altar for the day.

We hadn't covered up our religious pictures and statues in purple cloth at this stage but got to it afterwards. This is a very good explanation of why we do this.

I pray you have a Blessed Holy Week.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
This is a fun idea, and I love Betty Lukin's felts. It's a great way to tell Bible stories. :-)
Have a blessed Holy Week,
Anne ♥

Anonymous said...

I really miss making the palm crosses . when we attended the Philipino church the people showed us how to make the crosses and a few other items but at Kateri parish we use cedar branches not palms . I bunch up my cedar and tie them with leather and hang them up in several areas of the home though and save them to burn on ash wed.
Gae I just emailed you @ your bigpond addy . I'm wanting to know if you have experience with above rubies .
Gae we had a big snow fall last night ! it is very beautiful but also a big set back for getting out to the lake ! It appears we are being asked to practice patience yet once again ☺
lots of love

noreen said...

Hi Gae, thank you for the purple cloth explanation. Have a Blessed Holy Week!!


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