Saturday, October 24, 2009

Along the Alphabet Path........ Week B

As I have been quite busy I haven't had time to post about our "B" week activities with the girls.
Well as we had quite a few feast days during this time as well as Daddy being home and special medical visits for Moran it actually took 3 weeks and then 2 to get to posting about it.
I am sure we are going to travel this journey at about 2 weeks per letter.
there seems so many books to read and so many activities to cover.
However I am certain this approach is really helping and working for Moran especially who in the past has not been able to retain any of the Alphabet learning I have tried to do with her.
Mostly for the "B" theme we read and looked at a lot of books and did some activities the girls were not really interested in the pages of writing and colouring I had prepared for them so there really isn't a lot to share with you . I also did not get as many pictures of them doing their work this time around either.
Here are some of the things we covered.
The girls made Banana cake with Saxon
BOOKS are a B theme and Myffwyn has developed a habit of looking at a lot of books. This is a new thing for her as of all our children she hasn't been one to sit still and 'read' books to herself.
On the theme of BOOKS Moran created a Library that everyone had to come to and borrow books from. This can be a little tiring for the borrowers who are expected to be frequent customers.
Saxon as he gets his library card.
Corbyn with his selection to borrow.
The books were placed all around the Lounge Room which became the Library and the Librarian was very good at packing up the books at the end of the day.
One of the books we read was Blueberries for Sal. This has got to be one book all the children have loved over the years.
After we read the book , as we have no Blueberry Bushes handy, I put out some Gnome Jewels that we have for Gnomes and Numbers.
I scattered the Jewels out on the Lounge room floor and the girls picked up the jewels, I mean Blueberries and put them int their buckets saying "Kaplink, kaplank, kaplunk."
This actually went on for hours with Corbyn joining in and I had to 'replant' the Blueberries.

We did do some worksheets but I was unable to find them for photos
These are the books we had in our Book Basket. We had divided them into B Themes.
I am not going to link to each book this week other wise I won't get this done at all. ☺

Above we have the Bear themed books which we read all of.
The Bee books we read these as well.
Butterfly books some of which we read and some just looked at.
Bird books. Once again some we read and some the girls just browsed through.
The saints for B week
Other B resources. The composer books to read and artists to colour in along with the Bugle Fairy
Non specific B books that we read. So many different ones to choose from.
The various B pages from the Alphabet books we own. We looked at these and talked about them
Cutting and glueing of Butterflies onto coloured paper.
We are making an alphabet book/folder with all the work pages the girls (and Corbyn when he participates) do.

We have finished "C" week that I need to now post on.


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Cinnamon said...

How adorable. Our dtr created a library one summer. She loved being the librarian and I would hear her call "The Library is now open". Or she would say "Mama, can you go get someone to come check out a book, no one is in here." Too funny.



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