Monday, October 19, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook - A Horizon of Hope

A Simple Woman's Daybook 18th October~ Sunday Night Edition

Here is the link to Peggy's who is our Hostess for A Simple Womans Daybook. Hop on over and see what some others are doing this week.

Outside My Window ...
Cloudy night sky. It has been very dismal here for most of the day.we are seeing more birds nesting and flowers are blooming everywhere.
The wallabies are feeding close to the house again, this is where all the fresh new growth is.
I am listening to...
The older boys getting ready for bed..finally. This is a very lengthy process and very ritualistic.
Moran moaning as she pushes me in the bed. Yes, that is right I am in bed as Miss Moran insisted I come up with her.

I am Praying about...
That the tact we have taken with the house,ie ~that we drastically reduce the price will lead to the sale of the house.

A homeschooling mother of 9 who I only know slightly but who Father John asked me to visit as she is dying of Advanced Cervical Cancer.
I cannot imagine the pain of this.
I am also at a loss as to what I would do or say when I do visit her.
Any ideas, this is definitely not my area of expertise.
That I can concentrate on reading and learning about Moran's various issues and start to make a difference with her.
That the optimism the children are displaying in regards to the house will help us all as we wait.
I am thinking about...
How in the midst of all our anxiety and burdens we truly are blessed.
Planning our Advent learning for this year.
Planning for Christmas presents on a depleted budget.

I am thankful for...
Healthy and safe Husband and children.
Everyone who prays for our situation 9selling the House and reuniting as a family) and for Moran's issues.
I am always amazingly blessed by these prayers.
From the Kitchen...
Breakfast is warm porridge, hot chocolate milk and coffee for older people.
Lunch is sandwiches
Dinner what ever I can think of as I need to go shopping...again. The never ending story of my life.
Morning tea - Caramel Butter cake by Vellvin and Rogan
I am Reading...
The Out of Sync Child and The Kings of Clonmel in preparation for the NEW book due out on the 2nd of November, only in Australia.
My son Saxon wants me to say Ha Ha Ha but that would be mean wouldn't it? ☺☺

I am wearing..
Navy Blue skirt and light blue 3/4 length skivvy and tights and brown boots.
Looking to the Liturgical Year....
All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day Plans for this to come.
Prepare for Sunday Mass with the reading.

Make a concerted effort with our Prayer pegs this week
In our learning spaces...
Finish up our Spiderwick Study as well as Assigned Reading for the Month and Maths
Do "C" week for the The Alphabet Path with Moran, Myffwyn especially and Corbyn if he wants too.
Work through some of the crafts in the October Lesson Plans
Making Christmas presents
Start Monthly Outlines for Month of November

Around the house...
Try and get those chore routines happening by EVERYONE as well as the daily jobs completed
I will claim a moment for myself...
Do some creative sewing
Go on an exercise walk three times this week
My favourite thing at the moment...
A baby who laughs with us about all the fun things we play with her.

A few extra plans for the week...
Braedon's 18th Birthday. I am not sure if he actually wants to celebrate now or when we move so he can have a "celebratory" birthday.
I think Stephen is coming home.
Occupational Therapist Appointment with Moran on Friday
Visit to the lady Father has asked me to.
Start to organise the All Hallows Eve party, All Saints and All Souls day activities and food.
Start to plan for Advent and Christmas

A Goal for Myself...
To organise a Prayer, Exercise, Nature Rambles and Crafting and Sewing plan that allows me time to do each of these each day.
How on earth will I fit this in?
Picture thoughts I am sharing:
Once again Mothers with children and siblings together.
I am a sucker for this type of art work

I finally finished this on Monday
I pray your own weeks will be full of Blessings.


Kim said...

I'm sure you will get your plan all figured out ... it took me forever just to get a basic plan involving prayer. :)

I had to Google what a 'skivvy' was, as over here, we refer to skivvies as your underclothes ... I was REALLY confused at first! XD

Gae said...

That is so funny Kim about the skivvy. Sorry for the confussion.
Thank you for the encouragment on the prayer. I admire your plans on this very much. I am in awe of what you can get done.
God Bless

dtbrents said...

Your blog is beautiful. I enjoyed your daybook. You sound like a very busy person. I pray your house will sell. In God's time it will. God bless you, Doylene

Love Bears All Things said...

Enjoyed your daybook. It has a serene feel to it.
You don't say how far away the new job is. At present, Honey Bear is working from another city. We're hoping and praying this changes. We both feel God planned us to buy this house for retirement. He'll work it out. We weren't counting on the shift in economy. Do you have that crisis there as well? I love it that we can sit and talk about our situation on the weekend and God fills our minds and hearts with ways to adjust.
It took our house 10 months to sale and we ended up just about breaking even.
Mama Bear

Gloria said...

Gae, how sad about the mom of 9 :(. I'm not very good at saying the right thing myself and find the less I say the better off I am :S . I will ask the Holy Ghost to guide you in this. I'm sure she will be happy to just have someone visit at all. What a wonderful act of charity to be able to perform. God Bless!


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