Friday, October 9, 2009

Orchard House Circle -Week 1 Meeting and Plans for Week 2

On Tuesday the older girls and I got together for our OHC meeting. We had been planning and looking forward to this for some time and were all very excited.
It actually took quite a lot of planning to get the younger children - excluding Arwen to go and do something else.

The envy on the boys face as Autumn was preparing the Tea time Snacks was so funny. For some reason they thought we were not going to give them any. ☺
The older boys finally decided to take all the other children out side for a campfire down by the creek and toast crumpets over the fire. Then plated on the billy carts for ages. What a special time for all those involved ( I have no pictures as we had the camera inside....a great pity) to be able to do this spontaneously.

Autumn's Tea time Snack and Tea Tray all prepared. These were very delicious sandwiches. however lesson number one: Allow your self enough time to prepare the food before your guests arrive. We were 1 hour late starting because it took longer than she though. But this is part of why we are doing this to help them learn these things.
I prepared a craft basket with all the things I though we might need to make the calling cards we had planned on doing. we also got the Sewing Baskets out and brought them into the Lounge room where we were having our meeting.

We started the meeting with prayer and discussion on a Patron for our time together and we came up with St Margaret of Scotland.
Then we each took turns reading form Little Women. The rest of us were felting socks and eating the goodies.
After this we discussed the book and our plans for the next week.
The homework was assigned covering these areas~

1. Read Chapter 2 of Little Women
2. To make an Apron
3. To start a Home management Folder ~ just start to create the look of it and title pages this week
4. Read from ~ If Tea cups Could Talk by Emile Barnes

5. Plan one lesson plan for younger siblings and do it with them. Write out what you are trying to achieve in this time slot. eg Outline, age group, potential results and time expected to do it in.

The lounge Room after our Meeting. Paper and stuff every where. We had a creative mess that we enjoyed doing together. Of course this is just good bonding time at this stage and we talked of many general things.
After this we prayed again and then packed up as the Native were getting restless.

♥ All in all we took about 1 3/4 hours from start to finish, not including preparation of tea time or clean up.

♥ I can see this will become a very loved time together and the girls will learn SO much.
Autumn's Calling Cards
Eden's Calling Cards
Vellvin's Calling Cards
My calling Cards

Weekly Outline 2 ♥

~ Tuesday Morning all girls place Calling Card in Sparrow Post box ( one of the ones we made last week)
~ Everyone has read Chapter 2 from Little Women during the week
~ Eden collects the calling Cards and places on the Tea Tray
~ Eden gets the Tea Tray Ready with Tea and Coffee and the Tea Time Treat for the week.
This week the treat is :
Caramel Pie from The Anne of Green Gables Treasury with
Iced Coffee or Iced Chocolate

At 2:30 pm Meeting Time
~ Pray for our time together
~ Each take turns reading aloud from the Chapter 2 - we have pre read this during the week
While doing this the others do hand sewing (projects they are working on. eg. Christmas, Birthday or for self) or Mending that needs to be done.
~This week we still will work on felting the socks.
~ The Tea Tray has been brought in and Tea, coffee and goodies are being consumed while reading and sewing.
~ After read aloud is completed we discuss the chapter generally.
~Are they any virtues to emulate? Is there anything we want to do or make from the chapter?
~ Plan the craft for next week from the resources and ideas listed
~ Organise the "homework" for the week ( see above for this weeks work to be completed by the 13th)
~ This week we are making Fragrant Sachets from The Anne of Green Gables Treasury
~ Eden to Clean up Tea things and craft
~ Pray together and depart
I pray you have enjoyed the time we spent together.



Judy Dudich said...

What a LOVELY time for you and your beautiful girls Gae!
This is such a nice idea.
The Calling Cards are simply ELEGANT!
May this be the first of many such joyful meetings together!

Erin said...

What a wonderful, special time. I really enjoyed reading and 'seeing'. Treasured, treasured memories{{}}

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
What a special time you have had, and to be planning more, now that's wonderful. Thank you for sharing. ☺

Have a wonderful weekend.

Cindy said...

I wish we were there to join in!


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