Thursday, October 1, 2009

Orchard House Circle ~ Week 1

Weekly Outline 1 ♥

~ Tuesday Morning all girls place Calling Card in Sparrow Post box (temporary ones this week)
~ Everyone has read Chapter 1 from Little Women during the week
~ Autumn collects the calling Cards and places on the Tea Tray
~ Autumn gets the Tea Tray Ready with Tea and Coffee and the Tea Time Treat for the week.
This week the treat is :
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Cream Cheese Sandwiches - both from Anne of Green Gables Treasury
Coffee for Mummy, English Breakfast Tea for Autumn, Peppermint Tea for Eden and Bee Happy Tea for Vellvin.

At 2:30 pm Meeting Time
~ Pray for our time together
~ Each take turns reading aloud from the Chapter 1 - we have pre read this during the week
While doing this the others do hand sewing (projects they are working on. eg. Christmas, Birthday or for self) or Mending that needs to be done.
~This week we have Socks to felt and clothes to mend
~ The Tea Tray has been brought in and Tea, coffee and goodies are being consumed while reading and sewing.
~ After read aloud is completed we discuss the chapter generally.
~Are they any virtues to emulate? Is there anything we want to do or make from the chapter?
~ Discuss which saint we want to dedicate our Orchard House Circle time to?
~ Plan the craft for next week from the resources and ideas listed
~ Organise the "homework" for the week from the Brainstorming list --- covering 3 areas of achievement(Own choice) for presentation next wee.k
~ Make the Calling Cards from Samanthas's Friendship Fun -we will use these each time for the OHC time
~ Autumn to Clean up Tea things and craft
~ Pray together and depart


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