Saturday, November 7, 2009


I love this image of spending time in prayer. It speaks to me of time unhurried, of having uninterrupted time with God.

Something my prayer life is NOT. I always have a little or big person interrupt, no matter how early or late I am praying. I do always try to remember though, that this is my season to be a Mother, a season that has to allow for interruptions and I am sure Our Lord understands this.

It doesn't mean I wouldn't like to have more time to pray but then again maybe I need to be more conscious of taking small opportunities through out the day.

Any one like to share how you do this?



Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I like that picture, too, Gae. Thanks for posting it.

The only way I can get uninterrupted prayer time is to take a walk. Fortunately, I am a very kinesthetic person and walking facilitates thought and concentration. (Even when I sit still, I am never STILL -- as I realized sitting through First Friday today; everyone was quietly listening in motionless concentration, and I was squirming, foot tapping, and bobbing in my seat like a little kid! Sigh!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Susannah Wesley used to place her apron or teatowel over her head in order to have the time to pray, as she had ninteen children, and woe betide the child that interrupted her prayer time.

I spend my quiet time with the Lord at the beginning of each day, and I find that this sets the tone for the day.


Ruth said...

Gae, what you shared here is one most common hope shared by many women, to have a serene time to be alone, praying to God. Even those without children struggle to have this uninterrupted time. There's always distraction whenever we plan to do good things, much more in praying, did you notice that? So in my case, I would pray anytime anywhere when there's a chance to silence my heart, like when I'm washing dishes or putting my child to sleep, my hand is working yet my heart is praying.I also do my prayer time when I'm in the bathroom, that's the only place I can have my own peace. Everybody seem to respect that privilege. I believe God can meet me wherever I am. Would you believe I have a little shelves in my bathroom for my Bible and devotionals? My thinking is, if i would just wait for that ideal time and place just like shown in your lovely picture, I would not be able to obey God's command which is to pray without ceasing.

Thank you for asking and giving me space in your site. It seems like I got carried away by your interesting post. I appreciate your heart.

Gae said...

Dear ladies I appreciate your comments and thoughts.

Dear Elizabeth,
Would you believe as soon as I even look like going for a walk I have little ones want to come with me?
Dear Jillian,
I have read about Suzanna Wesly and I think she was an incredible woman. I also liked how whe taught her children to read, though I don't think it would work for me.
Dear Ruth,
Would you also believe I have people waiting for me outside the bathroom door and if I take too long they continually knock and say "Are you done Yet" one after another.

I am re -reading this and it sounds like I am complaining. I am not, just sharing with you.


A Bit of the Blarney said...

The first thing I think I would do is communicate to you children that you have set aside a time during the day when you intend to spend time in prayer. Tell them it will be the same time every day as much as possible and you would like there help by cooperating. Perhaps asking the older children to supervise a play time with the younger kids. Seeing you pray may foster a willingness to increase their prayer time as well. My greatest witness to prayer was a great aunt who would pray everyday at the same time. Family knew this and visits were made around that time. Not that she would be so inflexible that she could not change her prayer time. We just knew when it was. She even set aside time during vacations to pray as well. She used to say, we need to persevere in prayer. I think she was right!

My best to you!!! Cathy


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