Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day in our Home 2009

Christmas Day in our Home starts later for us. This is mainly because after we have been to Midnight Mass and had the Midnight feast we then put out the Christmas Bags in the lounge room. After the children are asleep Stephen and I fill up the Christmas Bags.
Usually we do not get to bed until 5:30 am or later.

Due to this we are pretty tired and ask the children to wait until 9am or sometimes 10:00am. They are very good about this as usually they are tired to after their 3:00am bedtime.

This year we have been blessed to be able to buy the children a very small $ amount since the older boys started working and helping to achieve some financial goals.

When we started Poor Box Toys Inc after our realization of not being able to provide as big a Christmas as usual it was decided that since we were able to purchase some gifts, because of the boys generous donation to the family, we have decided to save the toys and gifts made from the Poor Box Toys Ink Workshop and save these for Birthdays and special "love' gifts to each other.
We also decided to continue working on the Poor Box Toys Inc during the year and have a stock supply to use as needed.
Stephen enjoying the day and presents
Rogan, Corbyn, Myffwyn and Moran in the presents form their Grandparents, Mama and Papa.
Kynan with his Dartboard
Braedon with his sack of DVD's
Saxon with UHF Radio's and Hot Wheels Ferrari's
Autumn with a sack of second Hand books and a DVD
Eden with Sculpy, DVD and Irish Bailey's Cream Chocolates
Vellvin with a stack of second hand books and DVD too.
Rogan with easy reader Grimm's fairy tales and a Ferret puppet and other odds and ends
Moran with a twin pram and wooden cutting up and some clothes.
Corbyn with a woody, cowboy hat and holster and gun
Arwen with her Melamine Royal Doulton set, her Tess Doll and Giraffe both of which I made for her, some hand puppets and a special Hunca Munca spinning music box. As this was her first Christmas she got a little more than the others
Myffwyn with a scooter and hopper ball and T shirt too.

We managed to forget to get a photo of our Christmas dinner but we have a traditional cooked meal with Chicken and Pork and Baked Veggies along with home made Pudding and Ice cream.

We had a blessed and happy Christmas day together and I pray you had the same with your own families celebrating the Birth of Jesus our Lord.



Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
It sounds as if the Lord really blessed your Christmas. :)

We, too, had a wonderful and blessed Christmas as we remembered the reason that He was born so many years ago.

Have a great week,

Renee said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! In response to your question about how I link "lists" to my pictures on my side bars, I've put a post up about it on my blog: A Path of Joy. Hope this helps. Email me if you have any questions. Happy New Year!


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