Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Arwen

Dear Arwen,
We cannot believe that a year has gone by so quickly and yet in other wasy it seems as if you have been our baby for ever.
You are such a sweet, smileing and charming little girl.
A joy to everyone who meets you. People are charmed by you within minutes of meeting you.Of course we call you are little Angel as you are a blessing to be sure and your brothers and sisters all want to hold and play with you. It is hard to get to hold you and have you to my self.
But these brothers and sisters adore you and are so obliging in making you happy when you are sad and are always happy to help me by taking you for a moment while I need to do other things.So as your 1st birthday comes we will celebrate in our usual family fashion with cake and party bags, balloons and homemade presents. Your brothers and sisiters, Daddy and I have made you some special gifts as well as the traditional 1st Birthday gift.
So enjoy this day our special little girtl as we will enjoy spending this day in celelbraion of you life with us.
Thank you Lord for the best gift, the reason we are celebrating this day ---our little Arwen.
With our love always,


Kim said...

Awww, happy birthday Arwen and God bless you!

The Watts Family said...

Happy Birthday Arwen !!~Blessings Heather :)

Mom2Seven said...

Happy Birthday, sweet baby! Gae, thank you for sharing about your life so beautifully. My children enjoy "visiting" the family from Australia. The internet is an amazing thing! Happiness and prayers for little Arwen!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Judy Dudich said...

WOW! I came for Hearts for Home meme and found this VERY SPECIAL POST in its place!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET DARLING ARWEN!
God BLESS you and your beautiful family with many JOYFUL MOMENTS today! May you always walk closely with Christ and feel the presence of HIS LOVE in your life!


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