Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to School

We started back on our year long journey today. Our journey of sharing in the education process of our children -- Home Schooling.
In preparation for the new year I put together some little, essential goodies for the children.
Believe it or not there was much excitement about "What could be in the satchel?"

I know some people make a cornucopia type arrangement, but this is used by us for some other special days. I wanted something different and finally came up with what I termed "The Back to School Satchel!"

It was very easy to make. Simply take a manilla folder sticky tape up the sides and hole punch a hole in either end. Tie some crochet cotton ( I had visions of crocheting a tie, but time restraints dictated otherwise) on with a long loop so the satchel can be placed over one arm...whola. There you have it.

I did write the children's names on front and then filled with the goodies.
It was hard keeping them away while I filled the satchel and then from the hiding place the excitement was very rewarding for this small little start to the new 'school' year.

It can even be used to store loose papers in during the year as well.

If you are interested in our version of education this year ( I love to see what others are doing) you could have a look at the various ideas on my Learning Blog.
I have posted plans and resources for the year for everyone from Corbyn up to Autumn.
Every one's satchel waiting to be filled.
The contents of Moran's, Myffwyn's and Corbyn's Satchels
An example of the contents of the older children's satchels.
Some other odds and ends for every one's use. To go with the Art Center stuff ( which has been reorganised since this post) or in the supplies spot.
Myffwyn with her satchel and her first "official day of school!"
Corbyn couldn't wait!
Moran modelling the new satchel.
The older children's version...modeled by Eden.
A complete "class" photo. It seems so empty without our older boys.



Anonymous said...

what a wonderful idea Gae!

I don't have a satchel...but I use cubes that I purchased on sale and and the boys know when they are filled...it is time to begin :)

Have a blessed day!


Erin said...

Wishing you all a wonderful school year:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
What a wonderful idea, and I guess with so many children, it helps to keep things organised, too.

Have a wonderful and blessed week,


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