Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Children's Blogs

For anyone who may be interested for yourselves or if you have children who blog. Our son Saxon has now started a blog as part of his learning requirements. He has only done one post so far BUT it is very creative (I think).
All our older children are required to do 4 blog posts per week as part of their creative writing etc.
So if you wish to keep tabs on the children's blogs all the children's blog headers are on my side bar as well as Saxon's which is the Templar Knight above.



Anonymous said...

Well done, Saxon! :D

Ruth said...

Hi Gae,
My children have their own blogs, too. I require them to post at least 2 in a week. Will let them know about Saxon's new blog and also later today we'll try to visit you other children's blogs. Thanks!

Amy Caroline said...

What a great idea!! My eldest two have blogs but they rarely post.... wondering if I would ruin it for them if I made them post, lol. Oh well, I think I might!


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