Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Loveliness Fair - Picture and Children's Books

I am sorry that this is late getting out to every one. I have had sick children which has prevented me from being as organised as I would like.
However I am sure that you will love to read all the wonderful contributions that have been put into this Loveliness Fair and how each family uses picture books and children's books in their homes.

Gardenia from My Little Flower has contributed a lovely post on books we love in our house.
This is a new post of a bible picture story book ( I added after publication of original posting) I have always tried to instill a love of picture books in our children much as Gardenia is doing.

This is a truly beautiful and informative post from Christine at Memories of a Catholic Wife and Mother, sharing some of her families lovely books.

I loved this little activity from Erin and her boys at Beyond Homemaking. The boys enjoyed drawing the animals and making them into an alphabet book, very inspirational. Our children also love to make books like these.

Kathi from a Mother's Prayers does some lovely book reviews regularly but this is her latest one. I absolutely love the sound of this book. Well this is now the latest one and features one of my favourite Authors- Kim Lewis

Erin from Seven little Australians has a very detailed account of how children's books feature in her family's lives

Jen from Wildflowers and Marbles has a wonderful post on Picture books in her home.
I was also so keen to share with you Jen's Book cart that I have loved for so long.
There are plans by my dear Husband to make me one but well .....lets say I am still waiting

Jessica from Shower of Roses has recently contributed a lovely review post on great Lent and Easter books.
She has written a small review on each of the books.

Our children were very generous in sharing with us also:
Vellvin was able to share a lovely post on her favourite books

Autumn shares her love of reading and some of the many 'favourite' books she loves.

Once again Eden shares her favourite books.

Rogan also contributed a small book review on Keeping Small Animals. He was so proud of it.

Cay Gibson is the author of Picture Perfect Childhood.
Cay discusses " how, when, and why to use picture books and includes many themed book lists". So pop on over and have a look.

This is my contribution to the fair and tells of my love of picture books and reading in our family.
You may like to see some of the weekly round ups I have done to source some new reading material for your selves.

Thank you to all these lovely ladies (and children) for taking the time to share how you love and use Children's and picture books in your home and hearts.

So sit back grab a 'cupppa' and read to your hearts content.



Christine said...

Dear Gae,

Thank you for hosting the Picture and Children's Books Loveliness Fair. I look forward to reading all of the posts after Easter. I pray that you and your family have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter.

Love in Christ and Our Lady,

Gardenia said...

Gae, thanks for hosting this book fair. I'm going to check out all these great links. I have another post on Tomie DePaola's Bible stories book, which you might want to add.
here it is:



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