Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patrick's Day in our Home 2010

Here is a look at how we celebrated St Patrick's day in our home this year.
All did not go according to plan but we still had a very busy and enjoyable day.
I loved reading the old favourite books that Rogan set up on the bookcase for the St Patrick Display.
It was all his own idea where to place the arrangement and how to set it up and I was so impressed. I think we will display all our special feast day's here as it is right in the heart of our living area.
We have a close up of the middle section.
A collection of clover , (shamrock's) St Patrick a map of Ireland and Rogan's own collection of four leaf clover he has collected over the last few months.
We are all amazed how he can just find them so readily.
We also have some pip cleaner shamrocks along the display.
Our Lenten calender courtesy of Kimberlee at Pondered in my Heart.
Corbyn, Myffwyn and Moran working on some of the colouring pages we had after my having read some of our favourite St Patrick's day books to them.
Painting of the green?
Shamrock cookies before we placed them in the oven with green jelly on them. I referred to them in my planning post. I was happy with how they turned out just by using the heart shaped cookie cutters.
Straight out of the oven.
These are our Shamrock Mint Cupcakes we used chocolate frosting this year instead of the white.
An Irish flag Autumn made last year for me and beautiful "Irish eyes smiling."
While waiting for the Irish stew to cook, yes it took longer than we wanted it to. More colouring in was done.
Myffwyn hard at work on her St Patrick from Paper Dali
Eden is very diligent with her St Patrick that Charlotte directed us to.
Our little feast day memorabilia. Not what I planned but all I could manage.
Our St Patrick banner on the balustrade.
Our Irish Soda bread, well one of the other one is still cooking.
I couldn't resist the green jelly.
WE made Lime green Spiders for our drink .
A "Spider" is simply green fizzy drink with a scoop (or more) of ice cream added.
So simple and quick but the children, and Mummy's and Daddy's love them.
Don't you love the green shading?
Irish stew, and Lime Green spiders along with the Feast day treats.
Myffwyn with her collection of colouring.
Rogan with his set of colouring.
Moran is so happy to share her colouring with us. I think she actually did 2 or 3 of most of them.
Eden was able to make a copy of Anne's Pin the Shamrock on St Patrick. We copied her St Patrick picture and added our own Shamrock stickers and drawn leaves and shamrocks. Then each of us had our own little shamrock to put on St Patrick.
Did I mention we had a prize for the winner of this event.
We have some very competitive children.
Saxon has first chance. But not even close.
Little Arwen was not in the running either.
Rogan was close, but not enough.
Moran had a little feel around and still did not get it in St Patrick's hand.
Poor Eden. Sorry honey.
Vellvin had two turns but still did not win.

Kynan and Autumn also failed to win the elusive prize.

Do you want to know who won.....well it was yours truly. So I didn't have to give the book away at ll. I will save it for another interesting opportunity.

Well I pray you all had an enjoyable day celebrating this special Saint.

Saint Patrick Pray for us!!



Vee said...

What a beautiful St. Patrick's Day! So inspiring and just all-around cute. You even had a prize for a game? Awesome. Thanks for sharing this, Gae. Next year, I'm going to seriously have to step it up and I'll aim for something like this. :)

Many blessings!

Our Cross Stitching Home/Historie/One of God's little Princesses said...

This is marvelous--thank you for sharing this special day with all of us. My daughter Virginia is really enjoying Vellvin and her blog. Wishing you a blessed week,

Amy Caroline said...

How fun!!! Looks like you guys had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
What an amazing day you planned, and how well it turned out.

Thank you for sharing - the photos are excellent. :D

Have a wonderful weekend,
Jillian ♥

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry. You did Absolutely Nothing to offend me. I stopped following over 170 blogs throughout the last week and a half, you and 1 other blogger noticed. I think that proves the "why" of what I did. I'm trying very hard to keep my blogging under control, as it got out of hand in Jan and Feb. *But* I do think I will continue to follow you, and my other Sweet Blooging Friend who noticed.

I will look into the StoryBook Loveliness Fair, and try to get something together.

Thank you for caring enough to talk to me. I do appreciate it.


JanMary @ said...

Thanks for sharing your celebrations from last year in the bloggy carnival.

Early Happy St Patricks Day for 2011 :)

Deb Chitwood said...

I love all your St. Patrick's Day activities! I'm so happy I discovered your blog through JanMary's St. Patrick's Day Bloggy Carnival! I added a link to your St. Patrick's Day posts at the Living Montessori Now Community at’s-day.html


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