Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thoughts for Holy Week

Jesus carrying the cross Pictures, Images and PhotosI saw this on The Dash and thought as we finish our Lenten preparations for Easter it was a timely reminder of what Jesus did for the world and a reflection of my self in this situation.

Judas betrayed him and Peter denied him;
Other disciples forsook him and fled.
Would I have been braver, if I had been present,
And stayed with my Lord who so soon would be dead?

Caiaphas plotted, and Herod derided;
Pilate condemned him to hang on a tree.
In their position I might have done likewise,
Never imagining this was for me.

Mary mistook him and Thomas was doubting,
Paul dragged his followers, bound, into jail.
How do I meet the New Testament challenge?
Could I succeed where such characters fail?

Jesus forgave them – the thief on the gallows,
The soldiers who killed him, and Peter his friend.
His love did not fail in a world black with hatred,
His love drew men back to his side in the end.

Two thousand Easters have gone like a shadow.
This is our moment in history’s creed.
Jesus our lover is calling us forward;
Through him, and only through him, we succeed.

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Marla Grace said...

Such a beautiful post!Thank you!Thank's for stopping by my blog!Blessings Marla


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