Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path......G Week

Once again "G Week" was a very long time ago and I still haven't posted on it.
So here is a recap of some of what we covered. Our plans are here but we did not do everything and we don't 'capture on film' everything.
The Good Shepherd Presentation using our home Atrium resources and Moria Farrell's Home Catechesis ideas.
Myffwyn having her turn
Moran really enjoyed it
Working on their seat work, Arwen is too.
Using the little wooden letters I bought from K-Mart in the craft section for Montessori type letters.
Moran's work sheets
Corbyn hung his on the wall with bluetac for display
Myffwyn and her work.
Using the Cuisinaire rods for the G shapes
Finished Product and happy girl.
St George from our collection of painted Saints
G Display
Gardening books for G
A wonderful Australian book Days with Gran
One of our favourite illustrators Kate Greenaway
G is for Gnomes of course.
Curious George and George and the Dragon are favourites from this pile of G books
More G books
Another lot of G books we read
This is our collection of Gnomes books. WE didn't read these but the girls especially love looking through them.
Of course G is for Glitter and Glue on a big letter G
Myffwyn and her glitter
Using the wooden shapes Braedon made for us
That seems to be all I have to show. It doesn't look like a lot but that seems to be it.



Tiffany said...

Wow, these are neat ideas...especially all the books! G is for Great job! Blessings:)

Wendy said...

Do you use Elizabeth Foss' 'Along the Alphabet Path' program...it looks like it. My son liked this. I especially liked the saint doll.

Gae said...

Dear Wendy,
Yes I do use Elizabeth's plans as a start(mainly the Alphabet story and some of the books) and then I add my own twist to it as I plan. Adding different books, ideas and activities. I have my plans on my Learning blog for each letter
as we go along http://cherishedheartslearningathome.blogspot.com/

Thank you Tiffany

Anne said...

Dear Gae, thanks for sharing the photos. Great artworks of the kids and I love your books!

Great blessings to you as you face the week! I have a little something for you in my site --



Gardenia said...

wonderful activities. and the St. George is very soldierly -- nice painting job. you've got a huge and wonderful collection of books.


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