Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gentle Woman ♥

As this is the month of Our Lady I really want to focus on becoming more like her.

How? By concentrating on the aspects of her beauty that come from obeying her God given vocation.
Mothering is dear to my heart and I am blessed to be given this opportunity to raise up Saints for heaven.
I pray that this month especially I will be able to come closer to Our Lords mother and be more like her.
How I wish to be a "Gentle Woman." A woman whose "children will rise up and call her blessed."

One of my fondest prayers is that our children will KNOW that they are loved unconditionally.
That they know I am there for them, to encourage them, to listen and help when they need help. To share in the joys of their lives but also to be a support in the challenging times and a shoulder for the sorrowful times as well.
I pray daily that each one of our children will always be close to each other and to us. That after their commitment to the Lord that family will be next in line.

How can this happen I ask myself often. By creating a refuge for our family. By allowing our home will be a haven were we are replenished and then able to go out again into the world to be about God's business.

How can this happen? By my committing to being a "Gentle Woman" and all that implies.

As I aim for this goal I ask that you would pray for me, and for all those woman who are endeavoring to live their lives as 'Gentle Women."


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Tiffany said...

Just Beautiful, Gae! Thanks for sharing:)


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