Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scenes from the past week!!

Arwen found her first bird's nest today. Our children have all loved to find abandoned bird nests and Arwen proudly carried hers inside to show and place on the seasons table.
Yesterday Braedon found these three butterflies in these three differing positions. Wings completely expanded, wings slightly open and wings tightly in an upright position. Braedon is very good at seeing these interesting nature opportunities and always keen to share them with the other children.
Rogan was in a creative mood this week and made this 'play vacuum cleaner' from an empty box and paper
I was surprised one morning to find Autumn cooking pancakes as a special treat for me to have for breakfast. She was hoping to give it to me in bed ....but I actually met her on the stairs
Rogan made a smiley face for me for lunch...Mulan fans may recognise the line Rogan used "It's porridge and it's happy to see you"
Kynan pre reading a book for me that Saxon was wanting to read from our Library Haul. He rarely reads novels anymore with his interest in other things taking a priority.
Rogan with his 'vacuum cleaner.'
Rogan making his Daddy's favourite type of bakery treat..cream buns Myffwyn is 'just looking' as she waits for an opportunity to take a lick.
Rogan blowing gigantic bubbles out using just his hand. This along with washing the babies was very popular on Thursday when it was actually sunny.
While shopping for Stephen's birthday present on Friday I was able to get the lovely set of coloured mixing bowls for HALF price. I love using crockery bowls to cook with but most of ours are starting to get those annoying cracks along them that indicates they are about to brake.
I also picked up the cute measuring cups in similar colours and style made from that more solid plastic.
AS part of Kynan's Geology studies this term he needed to buy a rock kit for his assignments. This was the one that came and when he is finished using it I think the children will enjoy looking at it.
Autumn has had a rock collection of her own that she has collected over the years that the children have all enjoyed looking at. Some of the other children also have collected rocks but only Autumn has classified hers.

Well that is a picture view into some of the things we shared this week as a family.
Have a great weekend everyone ☺


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Anonymous said...

11 children???? WOW! You are one amazing lady. I love the photos of your kids. It's amazing what children bring to our lives. Hope you have a year filled with blessings!


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