Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Square Foot Gardening and Book Review

As part of my Birthday books list I that I was fortunate enough to have received this year I had to wait for a couple of books to arrive.
Square foot Gardening was one of them. I had been really keen to get this book based on what I had read about it.

You see I have wanted a vegetable garden for so long. One that would grow our own vegetables and keep us supplied on a year round basis. Not too big a request I thought, that is our goal. It costs a lot to keep us fed in fruit and veg and so why can't we grow that much.

Well we have a water situation here. We don't have enough water usually, especially in the Summer and have to buy in water. So watering a large area has always been a challenge for us.
Did I mention that when we have tried in the past to grow vegies we have ummm.....failed. Yes failed miserable. I guess it was too much work, all that watering and weeding of endless yard space.
Did I also mention that we tend never to do things on a small scale basis, after all my motto is " in for at least 110%". So we have NEVER had a great, or good, or even a fairly OK garden.

The book really is a great buy with information on how much to grow for each family, how to set up your garden and is very, very easy to read and digest the information.

The big promise for using this type of gardening is in these figures:
100% harvest for
50% costs
20% space
10% water
5% seeds
2% work
compared to traditional single row gardening.

So what is so unique about this book that you will have success with it?
I think Mel can answer that for in in this small youtube presentation!

And this is the home website for Square Foot Gardening it has all the answers you may need to ask!

Happy Gardening!


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