Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Star Wars Week

When our older children started to talk about a trip away in October the other children were making plans on how to use their time. Of course they said they would not be doing standard 'school work' while the others were away.

The idea of a Star Wars week was very quick to come to the fore and the children have been planning this for soooooooo long.

I was asked what we would be doing for Star Wars week and these are the plans we came up with:
One of the major things they wanted to do was to watch ALL of the movies:
The Star Wars Saga ~Prequel Trilogy and Star Wars Trilogy
Also Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the  TV Series

Books to read or look at are:
Star Wars: The Complete visual Dictionary
The Ultimate Visual Guide to Star Wars
Star Wars Vault

This is a site for some quite hard trivia questions
The children will also play the games we own below:
Computer game-- NOT my favourite in the least
Monopoly is a huge favourite and is also good for the little ones
Guess who is a favourite and the Star wars edition is quite good for littlies too.
All our children love Trivial Pursuit and this one has the DVDs for added entertainment.
A good friend recently gave the children a snap as well as a fish version of these cards. I played with the little ones

Other ideas we brainstormed are these:
* Wear your Star Wars cloaks for the week (pretty much a given)
* Do a narration and illustration of the major characters in ALL the DVDs
* Make a starfighter
* Create a new character with the relevant information and role in a movie
* Make a map of the Star Wars Galaxy
* Make A Jango Fett  or Clone helmet
* Make an alphabet book: draw/ print one picture for each letter of the alphabet
* Star Wars Alphabet (below) - use to send coded messages to each other.
* Draw some of the ships/ droids and how they work etc.
* Make some paper dolls of your favourite male and female character
* Research the Making of Star Wars
* Research the progress of the visual effects over time.
* Research the merchandise and the collector value of different pieces
* Make some fun facts pages : perhaps using  some of these questions
* Edit a photo of yourself to hold a Lightsaber

Some links we found for ideas for fun: ( we have used these before)
Word search
Word search
Word search
Colouring Pages - I think this has the best variety
Colouring pages
Colouring Pages
Colouring pages
Luke and Leia Paper Dolls and outfits
Online Trivia Game
Star Wars site
What's your Star Wars name- I would do this with the children (not alone)
Star wars name and title - same as above

This is a link to other Star Wars themes in our Home

Blessings to you and your homes,


Gentle Heart Homestead said...

Gae, my hubby wants to know if he can come and play Star Wars at your house ?! Your family is so much fun :-) God bless you all! Trish

allisamazing said...

This looks like some serious fun :) and some great ideas. Thanks for sharing. ~Alana~

Martianne said...

I am honoring you with an award at

Jamie Jo said...

This was soooooo coool! My son printed up the alphabet and is planning on sending a couple copies to his friends with secret messages! He's already written up a "Star Wars week" His sisters are not as excited as he is though.

He wants to know if your kiddos know about Star Wars Pocket models? He wanted me to tell you you can only order them on Ebay or Amazon. (daddy helps him with this one) They have these wars with these little pocket models and trading cards.

He also wants to know if you kiddos have Attacktix? (They are a few years old)

Great post, great ideas. I did print up the Princess Leia and Luke paper dolls for the girls!

Oh, and congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! You are so very blessed.

I was looking on a few posts last night and saw your carpol tunnel post...I had the surgery done about 7 years ago, on both hands. I'd had it for about 12 years and it was starting to keep me up at night. I did the shots for years and they would work a while, but not long and finally went for it. I am SO glad I did!!! The recovery was not that bad, because I still had the use of the other hand. The hardest part is not lifting the littles and changing diapers, but I think you have enough help there that you'd be fine. (I'd wait til you have the baby though, because of the pain meds in the beginning)

I am so happy I did the surgery!! I wish I would have done it much much sooner, but I offered it all up, so I guess it was meant to be!

I'll pray for you, I totally understand what you are going through. I remember fearing I would drop one of my babies because I couldn't feel my hands.

God bless you Gae!


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