Friday, November 19, 2010

Vellvin's Birthday in Pictures

Vellvin's Birthday comes so soon after Braedon's it always seams, to be followed by Saxon's and Advent at the same time.
I sometimes have to be especially careful to give these last three birthdays the attention and love they deserve, due to the emphasis and preparation (not to mention the cost that starts) for Advent and Christmas.
Vellvin had begun to count down the days right from Braedon's birhtday
She was so excited as she had planned her list for presents many months in advance. She kept reminding me she had her list saved and I needed to allow for postage time to get here.
So even though I ordered the books early, yes it was books.
Vellvin like so many of our children love to have their own collection of favourite books, even though we have the family edition of most of the books they own.
This time though Vellvin wanted copies of a series of books she had borrowed from the library that we actually don't own. The Squires Tale Series. What I loved about buying these books is i buy them from Book Depository and it is free delivery worldwide. Also due to the Australian dollar being being worth nearly the equivalent to the US dollar, Yippee, she was able to get 12 books for I think around $100.
Cake or books anyone? Perhaps you can have both with this cake!
They varied in price from $3 to $15. I absolutely love buying books here and just wish I had of know about it years ago, we could have saved a lot more money to put to something more books of course.
Vellvin had to have a stack of books for her cake this year. The inspiration for the cake was Autumn's and I created it and Anna-Lisa helped me to decorate it.
Our birthday girl had a very good day and one of the things she enjoyed most was not having to do any of her assigned chores or any extra tasks that might have been asked to be done that day,
Of course the Birthday ring shows up again. I HAVE to make some more figures...just need to find the time.
Vellvin's choice of Saint for me to paint was Mother Teresa. A great example for Vellvin who emulates many of her qualities
How is it possible that our little Vellvin had 12 candles to blow out?

The children have made up a sign language Happy Birthday song that involves many actions that the little ones love to do each birthday.

We hope you had a wonderful birthday our precious girl
All our love,


Kendra said...

Oh you really must share how you made the adorable cake!

Molly Melnick said...

What an amazing family you have. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. What an inspiration you are. I love mamas to large families and I am praying my way there. Thanks again for the comment and I will be back too!!


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