Thursday, November 18, 2010

Braedon's Birthday in Pictures

Well once again it is a birthday in the Onions home and our Braedon was the lucky guy this time. We actually waited till he returned from the Pilgrimage he and the others attended to celebrate as he turned 19 while away.
Birthday morning always start in the same way here, after a late night for Mummy organising last minute details.
However it is becoming more of a tradition for the younger children to be more involved in the setting up of the seasons table and setting the table.
Even to wrapping some of the presents. I guess this is  one of the advantages of having older children, they want to be more involved in the preparation part of birthdays
Our birthday boy was very keen to open his presents this year
Perhaps it was because this birthday unlike many before , Braedon actually bought most of his present with us only contributing to it.
I wonder what it could be (as if I didn't know)
A complete desk top computer set up, with very cool speakers, web cam, remote internet access etc.
Enjoy your meal Braedon: Our family Stew, Yorkshire Pudding, bread and 'bizzy drink'
St Gerard Majella to add to the Alphabet of Saints: I must update this page with all the birthday saints.
Birthday ring
The birthday cake this year is our traditional New Years Yule Log:
To make use whipped chocolate cream and place between chocolate ripple biscuits and then cover with the left over chocolate cream
Because this is Braedon who is a major chocolate and Toblerone fan we than covered it with toblerone pieces.
Might I add there wasn't a single piece left  but it was very delicious and rich and we had people save the last bit of their own piece for the next day.
Candle time is always great...trying to stop the little ones from helping .
Happy birthday to a very special son.
many blessings for the coming year from your very proud parents and brothers and sisters.

All our Love ♥


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Gae ! I love the second last pic with Your son & the candles all lit up ☺
very beautiful

Kathryn said...

I loved seeing your birthday celebration for an older kiddo, my oldest will turn 19 in June! Your stew also sounds delicious, do you care to share the recipe?
Thank you for coming to my blog for a visit, I also love finding other large family blogs!

allisamazing said...

I love how you make each birthday so special. Your family is blessed. ~Alana~


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