Monday, December 13, 2010

Gaudete Sunday- A day of joy - or not?

Today is known as Gaudete Sunday. The term Gaudete refers to the first word of the Entrance Antiphon, "Rejoice". Rose vestments are worn to emphasize our joy that Christmas is near, and we also light the rose candle on our Advent wreath.
In Advent, we not only celebrate the first coming of our Lord, but eagerly prepare for His Second Coming as well, when the restoration of all things takes place.The earliest Christians cried 'Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!' expecting Jesus to come at any moment. So should we—we should long for His return with our lamps trimmed and our souls ready. It is indeed something to celebrate—and prepare for. Advent turns our hearts and minds to this reality.
After Mass yesterday we come home to also celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
A post on this feast in our home to follow after this one.
As the theme of the day was Rejoice in the Lord, I especially tried, after some unsuccessful attempts throughout the day, (due to some issues not resolved for us) to keep my heart focused on this theme.
I was encouraged by some of our children in this endeavor and it was a joy to see them enjoying the gift of the day from the Lord.
To see God in the trials of life, to see Joy in all these circumstances is what I would wish for myself.
I admit though I struggle with this , not in general but in a particular area of my life.
I try to have faith, I try to maintain joy and peace in my heart and therefore our home BUT I admit that this can diminish my joy in the simple pleasures The Lord has given me to enjoy.
And as this was a focus on joy I must admit that my feelings of abandonment as expressed by Christ on the cross "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" these feelings had been with me for a few days, were really not appropriate for the day.
However maybe it was the perfect day for me to recognise that I need to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and as my son told me last night~
"I'm still expecting, hoping, praying and trusting faithfully that (the problem will be resolved) .........God only ever gives suffering and hardship to those who he loves and who he knows will break free of the hardship and have the strength to endure ........."
and this gem from a Bishop he was speaking to about the problem~
"To have faith that all will fall into place when the time is right....we just need to trust and believe that.....patience will probably will total surrender to the will of God and following it through faithfully"

So in the face of all that encouragement how can I not see the joy in this day and the life I have been so privileged to have.
I wish also to remind you, and myself, of the blessings you each have in your own lives, even amidst the day to day struggles and hardships that you have been blessed with and see how we can each grow from the opportunities God has bestowed us with.

I pray for all of you in your struggles to see the face of a loving and merciful God in you lives and above all..... REJOICE!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Autumn said...

Also the fact dearest Mummy that on this Sunday we've been Catholic for 4 years. I also wish to remind you of our favorite St. Teresa of Avila quote. Remember we must be one of Jesus' best friends. :D

Simply Quiet said...

Dearest Gae, sorry to be late commenting on this excellent post. Thank you for the encouragement to be joyful through all circumstances! Your wise words and testimony ministered to me.
I pray your heart is feeling more encouraged today too!
Your dear son's words are so very true. He sounds very mature and faith-filled. I hope all that is desired will come to fruition at the right time. I know how hard it is to be patient and have the Lord say "wait a little longer". And I know He sometimes allows us to pass through a crucible of suffering while waiting. Hard to bear with joy! And sometimes confusing to the soul. It's only His strength and grace that carries us through such trials.
I am also in a 'waiting' mode :-)
Is it true that your family has been Catholic only 4 years? If have been richly endowed with many graces my friend!
So yes - let's rejoice!!
Love in Christ..Trish


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