Sunday, January 9, 2011

Epiphany 2011

Our celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany was fairly subdued really.
As I said previously, our main focus is the Magi bringing gifts for fulling of the shoes and the Three Kings play re-enactment after the cake.

So for this year ~
These are the gifts we  put in the shoes this year to represent the gifts that the Magi bring:

Gold = Gold Coins
Frankincense = Tea
Myrrh = Cloves: this year I wrapped upped he cloves in a small cup cake paper.
Jelly Beans = to show all of the blessings we have in Christ
A picture of the magi, drawn by Eden this year
For more information  see my post on epiphany

The children all put out their shoes on the eve of Epiphany ....quite a collection isn't it?
After they are in bed I change the infant Jesus to the King, by upending the manger, putting on a gold cloth and making a gold crown and scepter. Well actually Autumn made them this year.
As it happened we didn't get around to making a cake to put the beans into, but I happened to have a pavlova on hand. So we decorated the pavlova, after I pushed in three small shell shaped pasta (the were no beans to be found in the pantry either) for the 'Three Kings' to find.
Eden made the three golden crowns for the lucky kings to wear in our small re-enactment.
The gifts brought by our 'Three Kings'  were thus:
Gold coins in a jar wrapped in Gold Paper to represent Gold, a box filled with cloves for Myrrh and a bag filled with cinnamon sticks for the Frankincense.
Saxon, Rogan and I were the three lucky winners but I donated my place to Eden this year.
The three kings come from the East bringing their gifts and riding their beasts of burden. In this case hobby horses and a rocking horse.
Each king pays homage to THE KING and presents a small gift to The Child.
Than all bow in supplication to the Lord and saviour.
When the wise men slept they were warned to go home via a different route.
And so they did!!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your own feast of the Epiphany this year as well!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Tiffany said...

What fun and play~Love your royal Christ the King! Love to see what others do so thanks for sharing <3

Sarah Harkins said...

How cute! What a great tradition.

maria said...

What an amazing tradition...those are the memories that your children will take with them when they begin their own family.

Thank you for sharing, Gae :)


Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Bravo! Bravo! I felt almost as if I were there!!! May the Lord dearly bless you for bringing the Faith to life with such JOY for your dear children, Gae!


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