Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Baking Center

For quite a few years I have wanted a baking center. Somewhere I could house all my most important cooking and baking supplies in an area specially designated for this purpose.

I also wanted it at a height that is just right for me. I am not that tall.
As I do make a few bread items and other pastry, cookie items that need kneading or rolling out I have found that it is much easier at a lower height.

I would usually end up doing this type of work on the kitchen/dining table.
So my dream of a baking center, although incomplete with cupboards yet has been achieved.

We enjoyed the benefits of this baking center over the Christmas baking and cooking period. It is a real delight to have another area that doubles as another bench cooking preparation surface as well. Which as many of you would appreciate for large family meal preparation is a real blessing.
Arwen doing some Christmas cooking on the table
Blessings to you and your homes,


Amy said...

Love it! Someday I hope to have a baking center. Enjoy!

Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

It looks really great, Gae!
Did your menfolk make it for you?
I'm short too and the best table for me is one my hubby made to suit my height. Shop bought dining settings make me feel like Alice in Wonderland :-D
It must be so good to have a designated space for baking now. Guess you don't have to stand on a chair to punch down the dough anymore ;-)

Gae said...

Thank you Amy and Trish,
Yes Trish, Stephen designed it for me and made it as well.
It really makes a differnce to have something just right for me.

Deanne said...

Looks great Gae, I am sure you will be inspired to bake more now you have a special place for it!

hip-chick said...

yes Gae, that is the bread I have showed in pictures. It's the bread I make most often. I have never tried making it by hand but I'm sure you could work it out. Little Arwen looks so cute! She's going to be quite the little baker...or maybe she just likes the cookies.

Melanie said...

I'm moving in!!! Love it!

Suzanne said...

What a great space Gae, it must call you daily to get creative there:-)

Marla said...


Anonymous said...


Your baking center looks great! I like the idea of having everything that you usually need for baking all in one place without having to "dig for it" inside a pantry. I'm sure your children enjoy it as well. :)


-Lady Rose

Anonymous said...

Sounds beautiful! God bless you!

Nabila Grace said...

Oh how wonderful! I love that! I wish I had a baking center! I can smell the wonderful aroma over here right now! Is it low enough that the children are able to help? :o)


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