Monday, January 31, 2011

Rolled Beeswax Candles for Candlemas

Supplies for Candle making
On the evening of Arwen's birthday Rogan and I made some rolled beeswax candles for Arwen's birthday. We will be making more for the Feast of Candlemas on Wednesday but I really just wanted to give a quick tutorial on how we make them.
As I am having a hard time buying wicks as the place I used to get them no longer sells them I made my own from twine. The picture above is when we made some last year for Candlemas after running out of the bought ones.
 For these candles we didn't pre dip the twine because I didn't want to get out the bees wax to melt the twine that late at night. On Wednesday I will use cotton string as it works better.

*You lay the string/wick on the very end of the bees wax sheet.
*In the first picture you can see we have cut the wax sheet in half and then into thirds for the size candles we wanted.
*Press down firmly to embed the wick in the wax.
*Simply start to roll the candle up very carefully
*Trying to keep it even all the while until you reach the end of your piece of wax strip.

Wholla.... finished Candles !!

Seriously it is so easy and so much fun. Best of all your fingers smell like bees wax as well as the room you prepare them in.
These are the candles we made for the birthday ring all ready to be lit.

List of Supplies:
* Bees wax sheets in your desired size, mine are the smaller ones.
* wicking or cotton string
* scissors
* optional - enthusiastic children or self

Have a fun time with this!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Josette said...

I wonder if I can get some beeswax at a craft store in time! These would be great to make for our home!

noreen said...

Hi Gae, I'm so glad you found me on my blog so I could see yorus. I opened it up and thought "It's absolutely gorgeous." I was wowed by the color and the content. I will certainly follow you! And I look forward to getting to know you better!

allisamazing said...

I've always wanted to try to make these candles but never was sure how to go about it. Thanks for sharing your tutuorial. I will look for some supplies this weekend and may try some for Valentines Day. ~Alana~

Kim said...

Awesome, Gae! Greg and I have been trying to find beeswax candles that aren't $$$$$ - I think rolling our own is more up our alley!

Gae said...

Dear Ladies,
I am glad you can see how simple it is and that you find ths supplies you need. We acctually ge ours from the local hardware store

Dear Noreen,
Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it and I would love to have you follow me too.



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