Friday, February 25, 2011

The Adventures of Pigling Bland......

 I know we haven't always had the Beatrix Potter DVD set, but we have had it for such a large amount of our children's history that it always seems to be a stable and true part of childhood for our children. I remember Autumn as a baby and watching it on TV then, and when Saxon was born I am sure we bought them for him on Video for his first Christmas.
It has been an interesting journey with the children as each child has been old enough that the story they all tend to act out is the one about Pigling Bland. We have photos of our older children going off on an an adventure with little sticks and bundles.
So it was no surprise that yesterday Moran wanted to have a bundle on a stick for her to be Pigling Bland. Moran was the only Pigling Bland as everyone else wanted to be Alexander, we have had quite a few Alexanders over time too by the way.
Now this is Moran though and she has to have EVERYTHING  the same as the  DVD so for the first time ever in the re-enacting of this story we have had to add in a license and 4 peppermints each, thankfully I had some left over heart sweets from Valentines Day.
Of course if one gets dressed up, because they had to change into little jackets, well Moran and Corbyn at least, everyone has to get involved. Rogan was in on it too after these photos.
Off and down the road to an adventure that will take them "Over the hills and far away"
As it turned out it was fairly realistic as  we heard Moran call out "Someone has lost their license" and she ran back to pick up the lost license.
However no police man can to take them home as they continued to sing "Tom Tom the pipers son stole a pig and away he run........"
Until all our little pigs found their way home..... in time for supper!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Anonymous said...

What fun! I just love the Potter DVD's. I just recently watched Pigling Bland with my little grandson. :-)
Hope you're doing well and have a nice weekend!
Anne ♥


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