Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creative Pursuits for the Year....

The girls and I have been planning a list of the types of crafts and sewing and knitting we would like to do for the year. I have been trying to get my list organised for some time and these are the items I have come up with.

Of course being me it is non static and some things may will be added. This list  is a mixture of  what I want to make and some of the things that the girls and I will make together.

Wooden Folk Exchange. I have already written the story and am about to start the painting. I am really happy with this
Leather belt and pouch..gypsy style for all of the older girls and myself. We will design this ourselves and then make it from leather.
Red flannel petticoats
warm winter skirts
Tasha Tudor knitted shawl...using this pattern although I like this one too very plain
knit socks
Crochet granny square baby rug.
Corbyn's patchwork quilt
Patchwork monthly challenge
Baby's cross stitch..hand print one like Arwen's
Celtic Christmas.... this design
This is what it will look like
Easter bunny's for table
Easter nest
Felt Egg's for Easter

Peg Dolls ...Babushka style, Indian family
Finish our Marionettes.....this was where we started
make soap
Winter Wardrobe clothes..... for all the girls and me
winter nighties for the little girls
finish off some cord pinafores I was working on for the little girls
baby toys for our new littl precious
Autumn Leaf dolls..using my own pattern

Celebration Ring Tutorial
Lacy Head Scarf from Amy
Baby Cocoon from Amy

Etsy Shop...plan and prepare

I hope you have enjoyed a look into the hopefully creative year we will be having.

Blessings to you and your homes,


rox said...

Oh Gae I so wish I could come to your home and have a crafty day ☺
my boys do not like crafts much , except for woodworking or bug collecting etc.
I made marionettes one yr after watching Tasha Tudor video ! I had so much fun . I made the mache parts in the fall and the sun dried the mache .then over novemebr I sewed the bodies & clothing etc. and then painted all the faces etc. the funniest one I did was a chihuahua ☺ I had to have dh do the strings though as I hadn't a clue how to do that .
I gave the marionettes to the kids for Christmas and they had such a blast doing skits with them .
I do miss having a full house ☺
Gae that celtic design is so beautiful !
what is a petticoat anyway ?

Gae said...

Dear Rox,
i am sure we could have so much creative fun...pity about that wide ocean between us.
A petticoat is sometimes called a slip, but in my view a petticoat is more full and much more pretty.
It really is another skirt worn underneath a dress or skirt either for warmth(as we want) or for mdesty for more sheer fabrics
think Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the wind at the start when she is in her underwear.

Our marrionettes are made with silk fabric and soft bodies

I am sure your marrionettes are tressured family heirlooms and the time together special memories


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