Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anna-Lisa's Birthday in Pictures

I have often thought about what our children would do when they left home with the traditions and events we share as a family.
I have hoped that they would be as fond of the memories and the creative process that is involved in the sharing of special day such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other special days. Days such as our Hobbit Day or Star Wars Week and The Doll's Fair we have.
Braedon and Anna-Lisa
So I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised when Braedon and Anna-Lisa (who is our Braedon's special girlfriend,) suggested that Anna-Lisa might like to have her 16th birthday at our home.
Waiting like we all do
Now while I was very open to this idea I by no means wanted to have Ann-Lisa's parents think that we thought so much more of the way we do things than what was important to their family culture.
I am very aware of the differences in different families, and traditions that we hold dear are not what every other family needs to do or even wants to do.

I suggested to them both that it was a lovely idea but Anna's parents may other other plans for her day. I left it at that and was expecting Braedon to go to Anna-Lisa's home interstate for her birthday.
Anna-Lisa with her presents
As it turns out though Ann-Lisa's parents were quite willing for their special girl to spend her 16th birthday in our home. Really I think it is an honour that they were willing to let us share our family memories in this way with her.

Over the last couple of weeks,while Anna has been staying with us, I have been slowly preparing some of the items we would have for our children: making a birthday bag, a sign for the seasons table, making a birthday crown and painted saint.
Anna-Lisa love picking the cake she would have and the meal for us to share. She spent a few days looking at saint pictures before finally settling on her painted saint.
St Winifred
Back view.....I love painting red heads
Today we celebrated Anna-Lisa's birthday with all the fancy trimmings that we would do for our own children. I am sure, well hope that she enjoyed the day as much as we did.

We even had a  record holding amount of lollies for the party bags......around 500grams each. Ouch how embarrassing. However we did get  extra because we were expecting extra guests for Anna-Lisa's actual birthday.
Gambling with the lollies form the party bags
Anna-Lisa  had three of her siblings come to spend today with her and they arrived on Saturday night which was a big surprise for some of our own children. Since then they have been in great demand especially with our younger children.
Anna-Lisa's cake: we modified another one to suit her needs.
So these are a few scenes from Anna-Lisa's  16th birthday in our home. We certainly enjoyed having Anna-Lisa with us and that she was so open to having our birthday experiences as one she was wanting to embrace and enjoy.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


rox said...

Happy Birthday Anna-Lisa !
I can see why she would be happy to spend her day with your family Gae ☺
lol I chuckled when I saw the red headed saint then your remark ;-)
we are still awaiting spring ! going up to +7c tomorrow so we seem to be on our way !!
Thanks for sharing the day with us Gae
Lov Rox

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

How wonderful to be able to share your traditions in this way! I so enjoy reading your posts about the birthdays and holidays you celebrate. Your traditions are so special!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Anonymous said...


Oh, what a lovely birthday. I'm sure Anna-Lisa had a wonderful bithrday celebration with your family.

I also love her name. It's so pretty, and rolls right off the tongue so nicely. :)

-Lady Rose

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Gae, I was under the impression that she was one of yours - oops!

But what a darling lady you are, that you were willing to share your home and your lovely family with her.

It must have made it very special for her...


Gae said...

Thank you lovley ladies again for your comments.
Yes dear Maria, I knew yesterday you though Anna-Lisa was one of ours( our son is hopeful that this will be so one day) but was too busy with the day to tell you so.

Many blessigs to each of you this day.


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