Thursday, March 3, 2011


Our precious gift- Arwen
As I was about to share a sweet little item with you about our darling Arwen I noticed my dear friend Trish has a new meme to share LACE I thought it would fit just nicely in with her theme.

From Trish "My idea is to base the rules of what can be shared on Philippians 4:8
 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
I have paraphrased the description of the virtues I want to see displayed in this happy venture as follows:

So here goes my post on LACE:

We have since our oldest children were babies tried to teach the basic manners to our children. Now I know most people don't object to the use of  'Ta' but I had a fundamental problem with it right from the start. My reasoning being that the babies learn the word thank you just as easily as a meaningless word like 'ta' that they then need to re-learn as thank you.
We have always taught our children please and thank you and were very happy that they learnt these at a young age.

It has been even more enjoyable and satisfying to have our older children help the babies learn too.
Arwen has been  saying please and thank you for some months now, and it is so sweet to hear her little baby voice say it as she turns her little earnest face to you.

However I have tried also to say "You're welcome" as people including my children say thank you and was thrilled to discover that Arwen is saying this as well.

The last couple of days as I have said thank you to her as she brings me flowers, this being an everyday event, I have heard her say "You're welcome". Today Vellvin also heard her say it and thought this a wonderful little thing too.

Arwen also has the sweetest way of saying 'I Love You' that just melts my heart along with a big kiss and a 'huggie' too.

I hope that you see this as fitting in with LACE and that we can encourage our children to learn virtues through imitation and how important this is in the life of  our children.

Such a little thing like basic manners can be an uplifting and encouraging event for everyone involved.

So please join Trish in her lovely 'LACEwork' this week (click on the image below)
 Blessings to you and your homes,


rox said...

Oh Gae is Your little Atwen not LACE !! ☺ as I read all the items listed and saw her smile I thought exactly that she is all those things for You ;-)
do you know I remember when both Indigo & Pascal asked me what Your Welcome means ;-) they were both I beleive close to the same age as well . maybe around 3yo or so . I guess they finially had the thought " why do we say your welcome ?"
I think Ta must be a more British saying as I've only heard it on tv .
Thanks for the LACE today Gae you gave it to me ☺

Trish said...

Gae this is perfect!
Thank you so much for joining A Little Bit of Lace.
Arwen is gorgeous - I can just imagine her sweet little voice saying 'you're welcome'.
It would melt my heart too :-)
How beautiful!!
I love to see these little social graces in small children.
Not only are they endearing but good and proper training in manners.
Thanks again Gae, this is lovely! Have a wonderful day, dear lady.

Canadagirl said...

What a sweet LACE post. Yes, I teach my boys that manners are so vital and it makes them a blessing to others too.

Your dd looks like a sweet blessing to you all indeed.

Blessings in Him<><

Autumn said...

She is so gorgeous!

rox said...

lol sorry Gae you know I know her name is Arwen ;-) the t is right next to the r of course ☺


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