Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Corbyn's Birthday in Pictures

Corbyn's birthday was one of unending excitement and movement. He was so sweet to see all day as he went from one activity to another.
Of course as is typical he had 'very special friends' with his siblings who were most eager to help him enjoy his presents.
He was up very early and keen to walk the star path that is always there for our children and he stepped on each and every star down to the seasons table.
Although we had breakfast places ready as is our custom he did not have breakfast until much later, and then only under the threat of 'no breakfast no morning tea!'
I really was challenged in what to put on his crown (well it was 11:30pm the night before). So I put on a little dog and painted a sun and some grass, not very inspiring BUT Corbyn loved it. I am grateful our children do appreciate these things even when I am not sure I have done the best I can.
St Therese of the Child Jesus is his favourite saint, so here is his new saint to add to his collection.
Corbyn was given the very adorable lion by Bernadette. He is weighted (Bernadette did this specially for him) so it helps him with his Sensory seeking and he loves carrying it around with him. That is when he gets it back of his brothers and sisters.
'Aslan Theodore' as the lion is known was dressed up for the birthday as well. We bought some other sensory toys for Corbyn but once again his siblings all had a great time playing with these things.
A very happy little boy, although we still haven't had a chance to put up his 'play tent' I made for him as it has been raining  ever since. As soon as it stops raining I will get a photo of this as the main part of his present was the whole Adventure theme.
Just for you Bernadette!!!
Hiding behind Aslan is quite cute because obviously I can't see him.
This is how he often carries the lion and he so loves it.
These are the items i got for his Adventure bag I made him to take out on his 'expoditions' and to play in his tent.
One of the really easy things about Corbyn's birthday is that he wanted this moulded train cake. It was made from  silicone individual train shapes and so were a simple cake involving no decorating....a huge plus for mummy at this time.
Happy Birthday dear Corbyn
Blow them out sweet boy.
The other plus for mummy was that Corbyn wanted McDonalds for his birthday dinner. Hip Hooray no cooking, no cleaning up. I really enjoyed it.
We only took up 5 tables at McDonalds and there were only a couple of other customers there when we were there.
The  children had a great time acting silly and seeing if other customers noticed as they walked in.
A bit blurry but, well, I forgot my camera and had to take these ones on my mobile  phone.

I think our small birthday boy had a great day, as did we as we shared this time with him. The excitement of the day made going to bed a little more challenging and as always the nest day after such excitement has been challenging for both Corbyn and Moran.

How blessed we are though to have this boy in our lives. How can you not love him to pieces.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Oh Gae...those are the birthdays I enjoy the most, when there is no clean-up afterwards :-)

I am glad you were all able to enjoy each other...

Mrs. M.

Anonymous said...

What a happy day everyone had!!
He's a cute little boy. :-)
I love Aslan, and I'm partial to the Bunnykins bowl!
Fun times...:-)And a nice break from cooking for you. :-) I appreciate those times too.
God bless,


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