Saturday, April 23, 2011

From Mary's Point of View................

To continue with the reflections I am having regarding our Saviour as we come closer to Easter..........

When Mary, immaculate, tender and mild,
Could find but a manger as crib for her Child,
Her pure heart rejoiced in the Infant so fair,
Protected by Joseph, the holy one, near.

When Mary, saw Jesus, her baby, asleep,
His pillow, the straw in a stable for sheep,
Her sorrow was great when, behold from the sky,
Bright choirs of God's angels brought joy from on high.

When Mary thought sadly that Christ the great King,
Had none but poor shepherds their homage to bring,
Then kings from the Orient came to adore,
And Mary, His mother, was joyful once more.

When Mary lost Jesus and sought in despair,
She looked in the temple and lo, He was there.
The heart of the mother was filled with great joy
To find midst the doctors her well-beloved Boy.

When Mary saw Jesus on Calvary's hill,
The crucified Victim, obeying God's will,
A sword pierced her heart, yet she knew, though she wept,
That Christ, our Redeemer, was God's promise kept.

A Hymn ( I don't know the Writer)

Blessings to you and your homes,

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noreen said...

Oh Gae, I can't imagine all of the joy and pain Mary had raising Jesus and then to watch how he was treated before he was crucified. Heartbreaking for her indeed!


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