Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Mummy Retreat.....Homestyle

Here I am to share with those of you  who may be interested about my "Mummy Retreat...Home style."
What is so special about a Mummy retreat you may ask, well probably nothing really except it was an opportunity for me to spend some very much needed ME time.

Gasp... horror... shock.... not ME time you say!

Now normally I may scoff at the idea of a retreat and at having time- just to me. A time to focus on my thoughts and ideas and uninterrupted knitting and craft  time, which is what I had hoped to achieve.

However I have mentioned over the last few weeks a feeling of frustration with the way I have been handling my responses to everyday events and my constant tiredness that just seems to not allow me to be the best wife, mother and homemaker I can be.

So after another week of feeling I just needed some time to put everything back into place, especially after I realised I had missed a much looked forward to Feast Day I (after pushing my guilt feeling to the back of my mind) decided to see if our older children were happy to help in this goal of mine.

As it seemed they were and I really didn't want to leave them  completely unattended especailly knowing how our little ones don't like me to be away, and I just couldn't leave Arwen completely. I retreated up to our bedroom with a multitude of 'stuff' and many fluffy ideas on what I wished to achieve.

I did remind the children that I was supposed to be left alone, except in the case of Arwen needing a cuddle or being put to sleep etc. This was supposed to be 'retreat time' and not to be disturbed by minor squabbles.

My retreat did not quite turn out the way I had thought, for one thing the younger children couldn't help but seem to interrupt me throughout the day. They did like to bring me coffee and biscuits and then of course take the biscuits that I didn't want to eat themselves. Lunch was provided on  a tray by my beautiful girls complete with flowers.
I did not get any craft done at all and didn't even look at my knitting until that evening.

But I did get some of the major spiritual items looked at. I looked at what I was wanting to add or subtract to my morning and evening devotions, spiritual reading and what other reading to be doing apart from light entertainment reading.

I was able to write a couple of letters to dear pen friends and just spend time listening to a favourite Christian music CD Sons of Korah, my favourite being Redemption Songs. Their music is based on the psalms and I find them very relaxing and even use them for lullabies for our babies.

By about 4pm the children both young and old were ready for Mummy to re-emerge from her solitude. So I was able to blend back into the family and give our little precious girl a bath and getting in her 'Jammies', read a story and have a snuggle.

I wasn't as 'refreshed' as I thought I might be but I think that is because I actually still was in the house, and still able to hear the children and be aware of the household.

Having never actually been on  a proper retreat I think this is all I will be able to achieve and I thank God that I was able to have even this small amount of time to myself.

Thank you to our children for allowing me to have this day and your openness and willingness to help make it work. I love you soooooooooooo much ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Gae,

Good for you, taking a retreat! I hope you keep it up, every day. If we don't fill our buckets, how can we have anything to give to others? Even Jesus escaped to be by Himself when He needed rest.



Tiffany said...

Lovely idea, Gae;-) Those little time outs work wonders to press the "reset" button. Us Mom's need these to regroup and huddle with the Lord and Our Lady. I pray for your abundant fruits and graces. Also wanted to tell you that 'yes' I will enter you for the drawing, no problem sending international. I will keep you posted. Thanks for visiting and sweet comments! God Bless the home stretch of your Lenten journey:-)

Gae said...

Thank you Marqueta and Tiffany,
I do feel I achieved strides in my purpose again, Just nned to not let it take so long again.

Thank you Tiffany for entering me in the draw.Praying you continue on with your own Lenten journey too


Sandra J said...


It is important to find time to retreat. This is something I've learned quickly as a new mom.

I agree with the way Marqueta put it about filling buckets. I'm also reminded of how flight attendants tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before the children. We need to breath in order to help our children breath.


4kids1mom said...

A retreat inside my own house sounds nice, but I know the children wouldn't be able to resist. I also wouldn't be able to fully relax because I would be able to hear them! Ha ha. I find that sipping warm tea from a pretty tea cup helps my mood. It's a little thing, but it helps me.

Calvintage Jen said...

Hi Gae,
I'm enjoying catching up on your blog...it's been awhile! I'm glad you took some time to yourself, you must need it with your large family. I feel like I do too at times, and I only have three children! Take care,

Mrs. M. said...

It takes such an effort to take those hours to yourself doesn't it? But what a blessing that you were able to do it.

Yes, Gae, I was not gone for long. I needed the time to pray and see what Our Lord wanted me to do. He kept prompting me to just speak Truth through my words...and I am praying that it is exactly what I am doing.

In His Name,



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