Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along :13th April

I am joining in Ginny's Yarn Along this week again, now that I actually have something to contribute.

I really am happy with both my crochet and knitting project at the moment.
I am continuing on with knitting my Tasha Tudor shawl and am crocheting granny squares  (little video instructions) for a baby blanket.

I am soooo loving this new skill I have and am also loving sharing the time with our girls together doing handcraft.

I am currently reading a few books but this book -  Eldest is the one I look for when I am putting babies and small children to sleep and don't want to fall asleep myself.

I am hoping to stop by and visit other creative knitters and crochet ladies for inspiration this week too.

Blessings to you and your homes,


MJ said...

Your square looks so soft and pretty, wonderful for baby! I never got past Eragon, but I know the series is super successful so maybe I should try again :). And that shawl is a beautiful pattern!

Joy said...

The shawl will be beautiful. I love that color.

Anonymous said...

You are getting there...little by little the shawl will be done :-)

Crochet is so much faster...

My boys have enjoyed Paolini's books and are awaiting their fourth book with a great deal of anticipation.

Mrs. M.

anxiousknitter said...

Stopping by from small things to say hello :) I have yet to read the third, Brisingr - I have it but it's been so long since I read Eragon and Eldest that I'll have to reread them to find my place in the series! Considering how young Paolini was when he wrote Eragon, the series turned out rather well! I hope you continue to enjoy them :)

Oh, and MY WORD! Eleven children! Bless your heart! I have the one and he's quite enough for me though at times (few and far between) the thought crosses my mind to have another :) I say you are greatly blessed!


molly said...

I love that shawl.

Jen said...

Gae -

Love the squares - - Paolini is my younger son's favorite - - he has read the cover off the first book and the others would be gone, too, if his brother wasn't so concerned!

God bless!


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