Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lost Posts and Blogger!!!

For those of you who blog with blogger, I am wondering if anyone last posts that you published  from after Tuesday 10th May, after their 2 days of 'routine' maintenance.

I certatinly lost my last two posts and subsequently any comments and when I checked in my dashboard they weren't even in drafts in the completed form.

Having lost some psots before I have come up with a simple way of being able to recover them.

I have meant to share this before but keep forgetting, sorry!!

I simple subscribe to my own blogs in Google reader. This allow me to open up the blog post and copy and paste it back into my dashboard and republish it, which is what I have done with my last two posts that went missing - Simple Pleasures and The New PlayGround.

So I apologise if you have seen these already (on the blog or in Google reader) and had left a comment that is now gone but it is the only simple way I know of to fix it.

I hope you all are finding your own blogs returned to you in a normal manner. Looking forward to postins more interesting posts soon.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Kelly said...

Thank you, Gae! I was just asking about this on Facebook. I'll go and look at my google reader now. Thank goodness I also subscribe to my own blog! The only problem for me is that it was a {pretty, happy, funny, real} post that I linked over at Like Mother, Like Daughter and they are also on Blogger so their post is gone as well. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
I lost my last post, and just got it back by following your suggestion. Thanks so much! I don't have the comments, but at least I got the post back.
Anne ♥

Anonymous said...


Dear Friend, you were not the only one who lost comments or post. I lost comments for my Wednesday post, but I was fortunate enough to retrieve them, for when I went to my Dashboard, they were somehow restored, although I did loose one.

I write-out all my blog posts in Word before I post them into blogger. So, if I have to re-post something, it's easy to cut and paste from Word, then to Notepad, then to blogger.

I'm sorry that you lost some of your original material. This situation with Blogger has been quite unfortunate and irritating for most people.

-L. Rose

Gardenia said...

thanks for this solution Gae. I lost two posts, but both ended up in my drafts, but the photos I posted on each post were missing. blogger has now restored one of the two posts and it is fine, except the comments are missing. The second post is not yet restored by blogger. If you go to blogger buss (on your dashboard, you can click it on instead of All Blog Updates, and it acknowledges the lost posts and says it is restoring posts and comments. so hopefully it'll all resolve. but I'm going to go see if i can retrieve the lost post from my google reader. Thanks,!

Tricia said...

I lost a post I had spent quite a bit of time on. You know those times when the words just flow in the exact way you want them to! I rewrote it in word, but had no idea how to paste it onto blogger, so thanks for the time saving tips!

noreen said...

Great idea Gae! I too lost posts and one was about Planned Parenthood defunded in the State of Indiana. This is big news and the post was lost! Ugh!


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