Sunday, May 15, 2011

Embroidered Baby Singlets

As we continue with the preparation for our dear little one I have been stitching, crocheting and sewing little items for our little dumpling to be.

One of the  most enjoyable activities has been the embroidery on these 0000 size singlets.

Really they have been a quick and satisfying project and I love how they have turned out. However somehow I have managed to lose the other lady beetle one I completed and am leaving the last two till the baby arrives, in case it is a girl. If so I want to add more 'girly' embroidery to it instead of the flowers and bug theme.

The stitches I used, as I am a beginner in this, as with most of my crafts are:
lazy daisy stitch for the flowers
satin stitch for the bee body and lady beetle body
half a lazy daisy for the bee wings
back stitch for the antennae
french knots for the bee eyes and spots on the lady beetles

♥ Here are a few on line links for the stitches~
Video tutorials
Embroidery Tutorial
Another video tutorial site

I can't stress how quick a result these were to have on the singlets and although not perfect I think they are very pleasing to the eye and I can't wait until our sweet little one wears them.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Nissa said...

Gae, those are darling! I made a slew of those for our Sophie several years ago. Such a loving touch.

The Gadbois family is waiting excitedly for your news. :)

Emily Fay said...

Those are just beautiful!!! :)

Gardenia said...

so so precious. are you counting down the seconds until the little one is here ?? thanks for the tip on recovering my post by going to google reader. i did it and it worked! God bless you in these coming days of anticipation!

ccc said...

Those are so sweet looking! I am thinking of you as you get closer to your little one's arrival!
Take care and God bless,

Kim said...

Those are absolutely precious, Gae!

Erin said...

Beautiful! As I packed away our 000s today that my six week old has already outgrown! I told the children you were buying 0000s, they truly struggled to imagine a babe in 0000s.


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