Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simple Pleasures - Little Ones and Prayers

One of the greatest yet Simple Pleasures I have is when I see our children praying.

In fact I know it brings joy into all our children's hearts when they see the littlest one start to pray. They all smile and encourage the little one to do as much as possible.

The first prayers I mostly remember our children doing is the meal time grace, we say before meals.

The second most delightful sight to see is when our little ones make the sign of the cross.

As they say their night prayers it is like a little insight into what is important to them.
Our Corbyn is so funny to hear " Keep Mummy safe, Keep the new baby safe, keep Daddy safe etc", which is a great improvement on "don't let mummy be killed"

Of course our little Arwen says a few things I cannot interpret but Thank you for Mummy and Daddy in her little girl voice etc is top of the list along with 'love you Jesus'

I pray you each are able to find Simple Pleasures in the everyday this week with

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 Dayle at A Collection Of This And That,
 Blessings to you and your homes,


Valerie said...

So sweet! Loved to hear children pray...their prayers are so honest and simple.


Dayle said...

So precious. I remember when my daughter first learned to pray. Nothing sweeter.

Sorry Blogger has been down the last two days.

Emily Fay said...

Dear Friend,

So precious! I, too, love gathering around and hearing my children pray. We hold a family prayer each night and let the children take turns and it's so sweet to hear their fervent wishes and thankfulness...

Emily Fay


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