Monday, May 2, 2011

Motherhood and May

How can the year be flying past so fast?

It is May already and as we wait the last couple of weeks for our baby to arrive I find myself still trying to catch up on all I want to do.
We have so enjoyed having our Kynan back home for 3 weeks as he had his first Uni holidays and we have tried to fit a lot of activities into the last couple of days he was home.

May is always a busy month for us and the first few days more so due to the activities we have for these days.

This whole month we devote to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
We also usually like to celebrate May Day on the 1st of May in our home and put up our May Pole, make a cake and prepare May baskets.
The 2nd is Our  Wedding Anniversary and the 3rd is Rogan's birthday.
Mothers Day is this coming weekend as well.

So while Kynan was home we tried to fit in our Anniversary and Rogan's birthday on the last weekend of his time here along with some other significant home and church duties.

Needless to say we have not managed to complete our May Day and I am hoping tomorrow will allow us this pleasure.

With another May baby due, Moran has her birthday this month as well, I have been once again thinking of the value and blessings associated with motherhood. So many ideas and concepts are running through my mind and yet so little time to write them all down.

For today however I thought I would collect all the posts I have written over the last 2 years on Mothering and our May activities and put them here.

Hopefully you will be encouraged by some of them as we focus once again our thoughts on our vocation as mothers this month.

My Collection of Mothering Posts

Enjoying the Journey through May 2009
Enjoying the Journey through May 2010
Our Lady of Fatima and May Crowning
May Crowning and Bookcase Display 2010 
May book case Display 2009
May Baskets 2009
Ascension Day Plans  (actually on 1st June this year)
Pentecost Plans and activities ( on the 12th June this year)

Hoping to  share some more thoughts soon ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Motherhood - what a blessing it truly is!

Mrs. M.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gae,
May does sound like a busy month for you! Praying for you through these last two weeks for your new May birth!
God's blessings on you and your sweet family,
Anne ♥

fairycakegirl said...

Thank you so very much for this post. Inspiring beyond words.

Kim said...

Dear Gae, I realize it is probably the 3rd right now (happy birthday, Rogan!), but I wanted to wish a happy Anniversary! :D

ccc said...

I have only one birthday, my Mary, in May. What a beautiful month to be having another little blessing. You are so blessed-I'm thinking of you as your due date draws near.


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