Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bonfire Night

When I was a younger girl the long weekend in June, being the Queen's birthday weekend was a time for  what was called 'cracker night'.
This was a time when people could buy fire crackers and have bonfires. I don't remember a lot of them (they were being phased out in my younger teen years even) except going to a neighbouring larger town one year for the fireworks on the river. Oh and yes once I remember visiting cousins in the city and them gathering  junk from the neighbours to have a huge bonfire.

What I do remember was the 'long weekend rifle shoot' that my father participated in each year with shooters form around the state and sometimes interstate.
After they were finished on the Saturday night they would light a fire in a large 44 gallon drum and then have a few fireworks.

I remember this becoming less and less over time as law banning personal use of the fireworks became more enforced.

Anyway this memory just came to me as I realised we had participated in our own long weekend bonfire on Sunday.
It actually wasn't a planned event. Stephen was whipper snipping and getting wood for our 'real' fires indoors when he found a lot  of burnable rubbish and was just going to burn off.
He was then inspired to say 'let's have a bonfire,' now this is remarkable event in itself because Stephen is not known for spontaneous acts like this.

Stephen was even inspired to make a seat for everyone to sit on out of a left over building plank and some freshly cut rounds to sit on.
I think it was a fabulous idea,Very good thinking 86!
So after a very late lunch/dinner on Sunday we all headed out into the cold, very rugged up and lit our fire.
We all sat on the long bench, except for those responsible for keeping the fire going by adding more wood and those  who were making our own version of smores.
We made our smores form chocolate ripple biscuits with melted marshmallow in side and another type with chocolate cream biscuits split in two and then the melted marshmallow inside.
Needless to say we were all  VERY rugged up
Our little precious Trahaearn was like a giant teddy all rugged up, he was very hard to hold with all those layers on let me assure you, but he was very snug and slept through it all!!
Rogan was having a lovely time taking photos with his birthday camera and it was hard to keep Corbyn pinned down in a place of safety away form the fire
Vellvin and Moran were great helps with the eating of the smores!!
Part of a smore, not much left though!
Saxon has taken on the role of 'keeper of the fire' This used to be Kynan and Braedon's duty but as they were away Saxon has taken on the desired task.

I tried to get a photo of Myffwyn but one was too over exposed and she looks like an alien and the other was too dim to see properly....sorry Myffy!

After some time of star watching and fire watching we all went back inside to snuggle up in blankets and pillows and watched an old favourite DVD together, The Great Mouse Detective by Disney, we are great animated movie fans.
Then off to bed for everyone........Goodnight!!

Just for fun here are the lyrics from John Williamson's Song Cracker night.......

Teary eyes at the window,
Where did Mum and Dad go?
I wish someone would hurry up and come and get me,
Gee I'm scared
The cat shot through, She saw the light and fled.
Cracker night was a real big deal, when I was a little kid
They started lettin' them off after tea I ran inside and hid
And all the dogs from everywhere were underneath me bed.

We all went down in our dressing gowns to see the big bonfire
Wide eyes watched the straw man burn on a mile-high pile of tyres
Hot as hell, big black smell and red hot rings of wire.

Sky rockets zinging,
Catherine wheels spinning,
What a flamin' evening,
Fire trucks were screaming
Smoky haze hangin' round for days
And Grandma's ears were ringing.

Everynight after school draggin' bits of wood,
Boxes and branches and rotten old fences,
And mattresses were good.
We even scrounged a vinyl lounge
And anything we could

Little Guy Fawkes's and letter boxes
Blown all out of shape
Light the wick and back off quick,
And make the big escape
Cackin' ourselves and rippin' my shirt
Scrambling through the gate

Sky rockets zinging
Catherine wheels spinning
What a flamin' evening
Fire trucks were screaming
Smoky haze hangin' round for days
And Grandma's ears were ringing.

A house burnt down on the edge of town
We all took off with Pa
This thing whizzed across the road
And nearly hit our car
A bang and spark lit up the park
And everyone went Ah! Ah! Ah!

Cracker night was a real big deal,
When I was a little kid,
It seems like only yesterday
Tucked away in bed
Dreams of schemes and double bunger
Daring things we did

Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

Oh what fun! I remember cracker night, one year we built a Guy Fawkes and burnt him. No bonfires here, we are on flood alert, the water is just teaming.
I love that photo of you, simply stunning.

noreen said...

Hi Gae, your family bonfire was a hit! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves and Trahaearn looks so sweet! It's funny that you guys are wearing your cold weather gear and we're starting our summer here. How are you feeling?

God Bless.

Autumn said...

I love bonfires!!!!!! And the Smores where great!!! Pity we couldn't have fireworks :D

Nell said...

Thanks for reviving some memories Gae, I lived out of town as a kid and have fond memories of bonfires, I remember my brother getting into lots of trouble one year because he set fire to a heap of green, pushed up logs from some land that was cleared. My dad hit the roof..and lots of blackened potatoes hot from the fire, and toast on sticks, and the searing heat on one side of our bodies and the freezing cold on the other side, but alas those days have gone with us living in town. Our children have missed out on these fun times, much less to remember. Thanks again for trip down memory lane. Nell


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