Friday, June 17, 2011

Love Blooms ♥

" Before love blooms it gets it's start-- Deep within a Mothers Heart!"

One wonders how true this quote is!       For me I think it is a truth that needs no explaining.

I feel such deep and unconditional love for each and everyone of our special children and am so grateful for the opportunity to share that love with them on a daily basis.

From the time each child was a little baby within my body I have wanted and yearned for that child to be with us and the sadness that was felt when we lost our little baby (before we had Autumn) before it was born was very upsetting.

Our family has been enriched by the birth of each baby and the growth within the family has been a blessing to all of. Even now with our newest baby Trahaearn none of us can imagine that we had a life without him. The comment  "can you imagine that we never had Trahaearn" re affirms the love that is associated with the baby.

The love we have as mothers can be a gift to our children. A gift that we have the opportunity to help them be givers of Love.
I would be devastated to think that I had been stingy  in giving this love to our children.

I wonder how many children who grow up without the ability to give LOVE in an unconditional or only in a 'hard love' way did not receive this tender love that every mother has the opportunity to give her child.

A true mothers love is a Gentle love:
it is soft and giving in heart, voice and mind
it is  being there in both spirit and body
it is understanding their heartfelt desires and loving in spite of faults
it is knowing what inspires and motivates
it is being interested,even when you have other things to do
it is an unconditional love that know no boundaries
it is.........FOREVER

How blessed I am to be able to hear from many wonderful and beautiful children the word that I love to hear with love form their lips...... MOTHER.

It is a gift I will treasure forever♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Gae said...


Marla Grace said...

simply beautiful! Blessings, Marla

noreen said...

How sweet Gae! Motherhood is such a blessing to the children and to the mom. My heart breaks too at the thought of those children who do not experience a mother's love the way God intended it to be. God Bless!


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